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How to disassemble a mobile phone


How to disassemble a mobile phone</a>

When parsing a mobile phone to replace its pods, you should be extremely careful.

It would seem that simple at first glance actions, can bring in the future a lot of problems when they are incorrectly performed.

You will need

  • Cell phone, small screwdriver or kitchen knife



Initially, you must turn off your mobile phone,By clicking on the corresponding button on the device. After the mobile phone is off, remove its back cover and pull the battery out of the device. Upon the fact of removing the battery, you just need to get hold of the SIM card, after which you can proceed to the next stage of disassembly Phone.


On the case of the device you will see fastenersSmall cogs. To unscrew them you may need a small screwdriver (if you do not have a screwdriver of the correct size, you can use the point of a kitchen knife as its screwdriver). However, before you proceed to release the case Phone From cogs, perform an uncomplicated, but at the same time, quite important operation.


Take a piece of paper and sketch it onLocation of all the cogs on the phone. Next, unscrew each screw, put it on the appropriate mark on your scheme. After all the cogs are removed from the case, you will need to remove the panel from the mobile Phone.


First, the front panel is removed. This is done using a joint that you can see along the perimeter of the entire end of the device. Just pull on the front panel, catching the seam. Once the front of the case has been removed, unscrew the circuit from the back panel and remove it. Just like in the previous case, you need to note the correct location of the bolts on the paper. This scheme will be needed in the subsequent assembly of the mobile Phone.

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