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How to disassemble your mobile phone

How to disassemble your mobile phone

When parsing a mobile phone to replace its sockets, you should be very careful.

It would seem simple at first glance action in the future can bring a lot of problems when improperly performed.

You will need

  • Cell phone, small screwdriver or a kitchen knife



Initially, you should switch off your mobile phone,clicking on the appropriate button on the device. After the mobile phone is turned off, remove the back cover and remove from the device battery. Upon extraction of the batteries, you just get a sim card, then you can proceed to the next stage of disassembly phone.


In the body of the device, you will see the fixingcogs small size. For their loosening, you may need a small screwdriver (if necessary size at your disposal a screwdriver not, you can use it as a sharp kitchen knife). However, before you proceed to the release of the body phone by screws, perform simple, but at the same time, quite a major operation.


Take a sheet of paper and label on the schematiclocations of all the cogs on the phone. Further, unscrewing each screw, place it on an appropriate note on your chart. Once all the screws are removed from the body, you will need to remove the panel from a mobile phone.


First, remove the front panel. This is done by means of a connecting seam, which can be seen on the entire circumference of the end of the device. Just pull the front panel, caught in the seam. Once the front part of the casing is removed, remove the scheme from the rear panel and remove it. Just as in the previous case, it should be noted you correct positioning bolts on paper. This scheme will need for reassembly mobile phone.

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