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How to understand log house

How to parse log house

Analyzing the dilapidated wooden house, the sequence of work, it is desirable to think through in advance.

This will not only ease physical labor, but also retain those materials that are still usable.

What to do with the old log house thatonly it takes place on the site? Particular problems it creates in those cases where it is planned to build a new house on a nice plot. Most of the owners decides not easy to break unnecessary structure, and carefully take it apart - then will be a large amount of material, which is very useful for repairing dilapidated farm buildings, and perhaps to a new structure to build a temporary decking for the floor or scaffolding, or crate.

Works parsing home

The sequence works as follows: starting from the top structure of the parsing is necessary, gradually moving downwards. And so the house does not fall prematurely, and the materials stored conveniently.
Basically the analysis of dilapidated buildings producethus: the roof is removed, dismantle the rest of the roof sheathing dismantled for insulating materials inside and out. Then dismantle the frame of the building, dismantle the lower floors.
Long gone are the days when craftsmen built houseswithout a single nail. Retrieve the nails using nail puller, they can be completely rusted, and such that it is still useful. Substantial savings are not expected, so throw the nails were in use or not - it is the owner. If the board can be used, for example, at the finish, it is better to pull out the nails, or at their processing can damage tools. And in boards intended for construction formwork, nails, you can simply fold.

Of course, to go to extremes, and pull literally every nail is not necessary. Sometimes this is justified, but in most cases - no.

storage material

, Should be how to pay attention to the storage of construction materials and all actions to think in advance to the board and not the beam that had more than once dragged from place to place.
When planning the excavation work of the board should beto carry away from the location selected for the excavation. For stacks have to choose a place higher - so they will not be in a puddle of melted snow or rain. In order for them not to grow grass, you can put in the construction of stacks of opaque material and has him lay board.

accident prevention

Observe the safety and parsing the roof, and during the rest of the process. But different stages of work and require different approaches.

When working with a roof you should be taken care ofinsurance, not to accidentally fall from a height. The dismantling of insulation, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment. Clothes made of thick fabric must be fully buttoned, wear gloves, goggles, respirator.

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