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How to dismantle a log house


How to dismantle a log house</a>

When deconstructing a dilapidated log house, it is advisable to think in advance the sequence of work.

This will not only facilitate physical work, but also save those of building materials that are still suitable for use.

What to do with the old log house, whichOnly takes a place on the site? He creates a special problem in those cases when a new good house is planned to be built on the site. Most owners make the decision not only to break down the unnecessary structure, but carefully disassemble it - then there will remain a large amount of material that will be very useful for repairing dilapidated farm buildings, and perhaps for building a temporary flooring or scaffolding in the new structure, Or crate.

Work on parsing a house

The sequence of works is as follows: begin the analysis of the structure from above, gradually moving down. So the house does not collapses ahead of time, and materials are more convenient to store.
Basically analysis of dilapidated buildings produceThus: remove the roof, dismantle the rest of the roof, dismantle the cladding, the insulation materials outside and inside. Next, dismantle the frame of the building, dismantle the lower floors.
Long gone are the times when the craftsmen built housesWithout a single nail. Nails are extracted with the help of a nail, they can be completely rusted, and such that are still quite suitable. There is no significant savings here, so throwing out used nails or not is the business of the owner. If the boards can be used, for example, when finishing, pull out all the nails better, otherwise they can damage the tools. And in the boards intended for formwork, the nails can simply be bent.

Of course, to go to extremes and pull out literally every nail is not necessary. Sometimes this is justified, but in most cases - no.

Warehousing of material

To prevent planks and logs from being dragged several times from one place to another, you need to be as careful as possible about the storage of building materials and think over all the actions in advance.
When planning excavation worksCarry away from the place chosen for the excavation. For piles, you need to choose a higher position - so they will not be in a puddle from thawed snow or rain. So that the grass does not grow under them, you can put an opaque material in the construction of the stack and lay the boards on it already.

Safety precautions

It is necessary to observe the safety precautions when dismantling the roof, and during the rest of the process. But different stages of work will require different approaches.

When working with a roof, take care ofInsurance, so as not to accidentally fall from a height. Carrying out the dismantling of the insulation, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment. Clothes made of dense fabric should be fully buttoned, gloves, glasses, and a respirator must be worn.

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