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How to disassemble a mouse

Computer mouse</a>

PC mouse ? This is a manipulator or pointing device input, through which PC users easily manage the cursor on the screen.

No matter how simple this device does not seem at first glance, it is not so easy to disassemble it.

Consider several options for parsing the mouse.

You will need

  • Screwdriver



If your mouse is connected with a cog? Untwist it. Do not pull the mouse parts with force, because, most likely, besides the screw, there are also latches. Carefully sever the halves of the mouse.


If your mouse is only snapped, beExtremely careful, because There is a risk of damage to the appearance of the device when parsing. Walk with a screwdriver at the joint of the halves of the mouse, determine the location of the latches and open them.


If you can not find any screws orLatch, look under the rubberized stickers (on them the mouse slides during movement). Unfortunately, they will have to be torn off? Because it is under them hide the cogs, unscrewing which, you can disassemble the mouse.

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