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Computer mouse

PC mouse ? This manipulator or the pointing input device with which users can easily control the PC cursor on the screen.

No matter how simple it may seem at first glance the unit, disassemble it is not so simple.

Consider a few options parsing mouse.

You will need

  • Screwdriver



If your mouse is connected to a cog? unscrew it. Not pulling force of the mouse, as is likely, in addition to the screw, and there are latches. Carefully disconnect the halves of the mouse.


If your mouse is fastened only latches, beextremely careful, because there is a risk to damage the appearance of the device in the analysis. Walk with a screwdriver on the joint halves of the mouse, define the location of the latches and open them.


If you can not find any screws orlatches, look under the rubberized labels (they slide the mouse while moving). Unfortunately, they will have to pull? because it is hidden beneath the screws by unscrewing which you can make out the mouse.

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