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How to disassemble a ball mixer

How to disassemble a ball mixer

Bored with the sound of dripping water, wafting out of the kitchen or bathroom?

Remember that a faulty faucet results in a significant loss of water, so it must be urgently repaired.

Recommendations how to dismantle the mixer ball, will help you make yourself the necessary repairs of plumbing fixtures.



When deciding how to disassemble ball mixer, firstdetermine the cause of a leak, check with the device of this mechanism, and then evaluate performance of its shut-off valve. If you have a single-lever mixer with a metal valve, or ceramics, first, carefully remove the lever itself - a kind of handle, you need to manage the supply of water. Remember that this lever is usually fastened with a reliable screw, and when removing necessarily pry something sharp positioned above them trim. After removing the decorative cover, unscrew the screw itself, so you can easily approach the interior of the mixer.


Wanting to make out the ball mixer, secondly,consider the method of attachment, excellent in every model such plumbing fixtures. In the case where your arm mixer simply put on stock, just gently pull it up, and then remove, no unscrewing the screws, as they are of the construction are not provided. When a small screw fastening located on the side of a ball mixer, loosen the decorative stopper-cap, which is coordinating the supply valve in the cold or hot water. Once you have removed himself lever, unscrew the lid of the mixer housing.


As a rule, this cover is fixed by means ofthread, so dismantlement ball mixer includes loosening of the element "by hand", without the use of tools required. But often the lid is fastened with fixing screw located on the side, and then the first stage carefully unscrew the screw itself using an appropriate size screwdriver. Then pry off the lid of the mixer tip or tip of the knife and remove it by hand.


After removing the cover, you will see a large clamping nut,which then unscrew from the desired diameter wrench - a monkey, or a gas. After that, remove the cartridge itself, which needs to be replaced, but do not forget that the old gasket underneath is compacted and stick, whereby to remove it would not be quite simple. Then turn on the faucet and look from the place of water flows to most accurately determine the cause of failure. After that, to repair the mixer, replacing a seal or completely the entire cartridge assembly, while you definitely need to get to the "problem areas" of your mixer to change the wear element.

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