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How to disassemble a ball mixer


How to disassemble a ball mixer</a>

Are you tired of the sound of dripping water coming from the kitchen or bathroom?

Remember that a faulty mixer leads to a significant leakage of water, so it must be repaired urgently.

Recommendations, how to disassemble the ball mixer, will help you to carry out independently necessary repair of this sanitary device.



When deciding how to disassemble a ball mixer, firstDetermine the cause of the leak, familiarize yourself with the arrangement of this mechanism, and then evaluate the performance of its shut-off valve. If you have a single lever mixer with a metal valve or ceramic, first, carefully remove the lever itself - a kind of grip necessary to control the water supply. Remember that such a lever is usually fastened with a reliable screw, and when removing it, be sure to poke something with a decorative overlay above it. After removing the decorative cover, twist the screw itself so that you can easily step up to the inside of the mixer.


Wishing to disassemble the ball mixer, secondly,Consider the way it is fastened, which is different in every model of a similar plumbing fixture. In the event that the lever of your mixer is simply put on the rod, just gently pull it up, and then remove it without twisting any screws, as they are not provided by this design. When the small mounting screw is located in the side of the ball mixer, unscrew the decorative plug that coordinates the cold or hot water supply to the tap. After you have removed the lever itself, unscrew the cover of the mixer body.


As a rule, this lid is attached with the help ofThreads, so disassembling the ball mixer provides for the unscrewing of such an element "manually", without using the necessary tools. But often the lid is attached with the fixing screw located on the side, and then in the first stage carefully unscrew the screw itself with a suitable screwdriver. Then pry the mixer cover with the tip or the tip of the knife and remove it with your hands.


After removing the cover, you will see a large clamping nut,Which then unscrew, using a spanner of the required diameter - either a swing or a gas. After that, remove the cartridge itself, which needs replacing, but do not forget that the old gasket under it can be compacted and adhered, so it will not be easy to remove it. Then turn on the mixer and see from which place the water will flow, in order to determine the cause of the failure most accurately. After that, already carry out the repair of the mixer, replacing only the gasket or the entire cartridge in the assembly, and you should definitely get to the "problem place" of your mixer to change the worn out element.

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