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DISADVANTAGES of convertibles


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Cars with a convertible, despite the reliability and fame of the firms that produce them, have a number of shortcomings, which are especially pronounced on Russian roads and in our harsh climate.

In the modern world, there is an extremely wide variety of cars, which has long crossed out the concept of the machine as a means of transportation.

The most popular convertible cars in recent years are the BMW 3 Series and Audi A5.

What is so appreciated by cabriolets

Today the car is a status indicatorIts owner, a visual aid of his preferences and, of course, a demonstration of individuality. If we talk about the last criteria, it is he who makes some people opt for a convertible car, or, more simply, a convertible.
Some motorists buy gigs because ofA kind of romance that hangs around this type of car, but romance and a sense of freedom should not obscure common sense, because convertible cars have a huge number of shortcomings, compared to covered cars.

Disadvantages of gigs

To begin with it is worth noting the material side,Which does not speak in favor of the gig. If you look at catalogs in car dealers, you can pay attention to the fact that the cost of some convertible cars up to 30% higher than the price of cars, on the basis of which they were created.
Buying a convertible, few people think of the possibleColds from riding without a roof, although it is so clear that even at a speed of 50 km / h any slots will start to let in the wind. Of course, it's fair to say that many manufacturers have been solving this shortcoming for a long time, but, as a rule, due to additional aerodynamic approaches.

Winning a draft in general is even theoretically impossible, but if you decide to buy a convertible, then get used to closing the glove compartment and, if necessary, catch objects flying away from the car.

In cabriolets there is a threat of dust baths, inCombined with a sunny impact. As for the sunstroke, very many drivers, having seen enough of Hollywood films, travel without wearing caps or hats, which at any moment can lead to loss of consciousness. But with regard to dust, which is an integral companion in any road, within the city, every owner of the convertible will further enrich his face with soot and exhaust fumes. As it is easy to understand, for health it is not very good, as for beauty, as the aforementioned cocktail will easily destroy even the most thoughtful make-up.
Of course, this is not all the minuses of machines withConvertible top, additionally you can note the lack of luggage, low ground clearance and heavier weight of the car, which is explained by the need to strengthen the bottom, but even based on the above nuances it becomes obvious that buying a convertible is not the best idea.

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