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DISADVANTAGES cars convertible

Exclusive copy of the Mercedes convertible

Cars convertible, despite the reliability and reputation are letting their firms have a number of drawbacks, which are particularly strong in the Russian roads and in our harsh climate.

In today's world there is a very wide variety of vehicles that have long undermined the concept of the car as a means of transportation.

The most popular car convertibles recently become BMW 3 Series and Audi A5.

For what is so appreciated gigs

Today, the car is an indicator of the status ofits owner, a visual aid of his preferences and, of course, a demonstration of individuality. If we talk about the latter criteria, namely it causes some people to stop the choice on a machine with a convertible, or, more simply, a convertible.
Some motorists are buying convertibles duea kind of romance, which is hovering around this type of machine, but romance and a sense of freedom should not obscure the common sense, because convertibles have a huge number of disadvantages compared to indoor machines.

Disadvantages convertibles

For a start it is worth noting the material side,that does not speak in favor of the gig. If you look at the catalogs in showrooms, we can draw attention to the fact that the cost of some of the machines convertible to 30% higher than the price of cars, on the basis of which they were created.
Buying a convertible, few people think about the possiblecolds of driving without a roof, although it is clear that even at a speed of 50 km / h, any gap will pass wind. Of course, it's fair to say that this disadvantage, many manufacturers have long solved, but as a rule, with additional aerodynamic approaches.

Win draft general even theoretically impossible, but if you decide to buy a convertible, then get used to close the glove and catch fly away from the car items when necessary.

The gigs there is a risk of dust baths, in thecombined with sunstroke. As for sunstroke, very many drivers, after watching Hollywood movies, travel, not wearing caps or hats, which at any time may result in loss of consciousness. But with regards to the dust, which is an essential companion for any road within the city every owner of a convertible further enrich his face with soot and exhaust gases. It is easy to understand, health is not very good, as well as beauty, as the aforementioned cocktail easily destroy even the most elaborate makeup.
Of course, that's not all the disadvantages of machinesconvertible, in addition it may be noted the absence of the boot, lower clearance and heavier weight of the car, which is due to the need to strengthen the bottom, but even on the basis of the above nuances becomes obvious that buying a convertible - not the best idea.

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