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How to disable virtual memory

How to disable virtual memory

Virtual memory is a set of memory swap file and RAM. The paging file is started automatically when a shortage of RAM.

In general, this occurs after the start of video games.

Typically, the virtual memory of a computer is not necessary to turn off. But if your computer is a large capacity memory, in which case you can disable it.

It's a bit can speed up your operating system.

You will need

  • - Computer of Windows.



Before the virtual shutdownmemory, make sure that your computer is set at least four gigabytes of RAM. Otherwise disable it simply does not make much sense.


To turn off virtual memory in Windows 7perform the following steps. Click "Start" and select "Control Panel." On the control panel, select "System". go to the tab "Advanced Settings" in the window that appears. "System Properties" dialog box appears, in which go to the "Advanced" tab. The topmost component pop-up window called "speed." is the "Options" button on the right in the window. Click on it. Now in the current window, select the component "Advanced". check the "Programs" item in the window appeared. Then below it, click on "Change". Uncheck the box next to the line "Automatically select the paging file size."


In general, the paging file is included only on thesystem drive. By default, the system drive is the letter C. With the help of the left mouse button, select your system disk. After that, the bottom of the window, select "No paging file" mode, and then click OK. The window closes. In all these windows open and press OK. When you close the last window system to change the operating mode will request a reboot. Select "Restart the computer now." The computer restarts, and virtual memory will be disabled.


In Windows XP, disable the virtual processsubstantially the same memory. The only difference is that in the last window "Virtual Memory" you just need to set the system drive to "No paging file." After also close all windows one by one by pressing OK. And, of course, restart the computer as virtual memory is turned off only after this point.

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