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How to disable the virtual keyboard on the tablet with Windows 8

Virtual keyboard on a tablet with Windows 8

Sometimes it is necessary to disable the virtual keyboard on the tablet running Windows 8. For example, you open a OneNote and want to start drawing, and the keyboard crawls and occupies half of the screen.

Or open a Word document to read, but again, this time as an unnecessary keyboard pops up.

Or you use the tablet primarily for drawing, then the keyboard you do not need again. click "Hide" can constantly hit.

And you can go to drastic measures, and completely disable it.

You will need

  • Tablet running Windows 8 operating system.



Go to the computer's control panel.

The control panel of Windows 8 by Category


If enabled in playback mode by category, then switch over to the mode icons. Run the "Administration".

The control panel of Windows 8 - small icons


In the "Administration" section, run the "Services".

Control Panel - & gt- Administration - & gt- Service


In the list of operating system services are looking for "service touch keyboard and handwriting panel."

Windows 8 Apps


Double-click on the service name. In the Properties window, stop the service ( "Stop" button) and set the startup type - "Disabled". Now, service is fully turned off, and the keyboard will not bother you more.

Switch off the touch keyboard and handwriting panel


The downside is that the service shutdown optiontouch keyboard, you can not enter text without an external keyboard. Yet there is one trick. In Windows 8 (and previous versions too) have on-screen keyboard, see special features. It can be found at «C: WindowsSystem32osk.exe» through a conductor or run from the Control Panel, "Control Panel - & gt- Accessibility - & gt- Enable on-screen keyboard." This keyboard is only called when you invoke it yourself, but it will not let you stay completely without the possibility of entering text.

Enable on-screen keyboard

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