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How to disable the update windows 7

How to disable the update windows 7

All important updates to Windows 7 by default are downloaded and installed automatically.

This mode is recommended that the operating system developers.

But this mode can easily be changed and to disable automatic updates.

Why update Windows 7

Updating the operating system at first sightit seems unimportant. Inexperience many Windows users say that such an update and does not need a computer because of them starts to "slow down".
Indeed, some downloadable updates are large, which leads to underutilization of RAM when working with a computer. He begins to "hang out".
Nevertheless, all these updates almostvital to the operating system. Windows 7 - product released not so long ago, Microsoft. Therefore, to this day improvements are carried out of the system, the search for its vulnerabilities.
Updating Windows 7, you protect your dataand to optimize the performance of your computer. Disabling Automatic Updates is justified only in one case - your computer does not have enough power to combine the unauthorized downloading and your work.

Where's the off button?

"Start" Go to. At the bottom of the list in Windows 7, there is a search bar. Enter into this row the keyword "upgrade". Wait until the system is fully complete the search.
In the list of search results you need to find and select the "Enable or disable automatic updates." settings window appears.

Secure configuration

In the "Critical Updates" section, you can select one of four options. If you are not satisfied with the recommended developer customization, you can go for a compromise with the operating system.
As a compromise, we can consider twosafe option. Windows 7 checks and downloads updates - you consent to their installation at a convenient time for you. This option is for those customer who have a strong internet connection, but not enough memory to complete the work.
If you constantly need access to the network without the "hang", choose an option in which Windows 7 is self-updating, and you decide when to download and install them.
Selecting one of these options, you will be able to establish the exact time when the system will check for updates. Also below are other settings that govern the installation.
To disable updates to Windows 7 at all, here select the "Do not check for updates." At the end do not forget to click "OK" to save your changes.

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