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How to disable the paid service

How to disable the paid service

Very often our phone balance start to be charged strange amounts.

To find out the reason, you need to check - and if not connected to your paid service number?



Some mobile operators mayconnected paid services without your desire. For example, you receive a SMS, that service is provided to you free of charge by replacing the usual beeps a melody. Month your phone will "sing" for free, and then you will be a monthly service fee to shoot, and not always notifying the subscriber. Often people do not understand where the money disappear on the grounds that he did not hear the melody, and callers who think that must be so.


To disable the paid service,you need to call your service provider and the customer service department to clarify: what services are connected to your room. If the list was found a service that you do not connect, and the money for that you have removed regularly, it is possible to contact the company with the claim - as a rule, in such situations, the money always return.


If you know that the service is connected and you want to get rid of it, it is easy to do as follows:

In "MTS" (service "Beep» / GOOD`OK) - USSD-command * 111 * 29 # (http://www.goodok.mts.ru/howtosubscribe/)

On the "Beeline" ( "Hello" service) - you need to call the number 0674090770 (http://mobile.beeline.ru/msk/services/service.wbp?id=b7ea56f5-55b4-4bfc-…)

In "MegaFon" (the service is "Change your dial tone") - call the toll free number 0770 and follow the prompts answerphone.


If instead of beeps sounds from your friendspleasant melody, it is not superfluous to ask fellow: but does he know about it? After all, the need to pay monthly about 60 rubles for unnecessary service few people happy.

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