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How to disable newsletter

How to disable newsletter

Some news sites offer visitors to subscribe to the newsletter, which will be sent to the specified email address.

To unsubscribe, you must use the corresponding function on the site, or feedback from the administration.



Open one of the emails that come onnewsletter on your email box. Carefully read the text of the letter and see whether there are specified actions to be performed in order to unsubscribe. In most cases, this information is located in the bottom of the message in small print. Click on the proposed service link and you'll be taken to the site from which emails are sent. There will need to confirm their intention to abandon the sent news or you will immediately see a message stating that the subscription was successfully canceled. Also check out the settings of your e-mail and try to find the function "Unsubscribe from all mailing lists."


Go to the site that sends news, and findcontact details of administration. Write to the specified e-mail a letter in which he announced his intention to unsubscribe. In this case, the administration will remove you from the mailing list manually.


If you send emails do not contain information about thehow to unsubscribe, and site administration does not respond to your message, fill in the sender to the black list, using the mail settings. In this case, delivery will continue to come, but it will be immediately automatically sent in the "Shopping Cart" folder or "Spam".


Newsletter, which begins to come to the userwithout his knowledge, it is called spam. What to do with such letters, you need to decide to have the owner of the electronic box. You can apply filters to them, an extra program, filter such messages, or go to the postal service administration to prevent further spamming. Also avoid visiting suspicious Web sites and do not click on unknown links or banners that can add you to the list of spam.

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