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How to disable system recovery


How to disable system recovery</a>

System Restore is a program included in theThe composition of Windows from the version of XP and above, which allows you to roll back the system changes to a certain date, in which the restore point was created ?.

And although this program is quite useful for errors in the system, if you accidentally delete the desired program, sometimes you still need to disable it.

For example, from its recovery points viruses can restore themselves, despite the fact that the system has already been cured of them.



To disable the creation of restore pointsClick Start? Setting? Control Panel. Double click on the shortcut? System? Open the properties of the system. You can also open the properties of the system by right-clicking on the label "My Computer"? And selecting the "Properties" item in the drop-down menu.


In the opened window? Properties of the system? Open the "System Restore" tab. On this tab, you can check the box to disable system recovery? - in this case this service will be completely disabled. If you turn off the system in order to save disk space, it makes sense not to disable it entirely, but to specify a certain amount that will be allowed to occupy the files of recovery points. Use the slider on the same tab to set the maximum allowed volume as a percentage of the total disk volume.

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