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How to disable SMS short

How to disable SMS short

When sending SMS to short numbers is a payment services to third-party suppliers, the cost of which may be significant.

This feature can be turned off, and then send the message to the short number will not lead to the withdrawal of funds or to provide appropriate services.



The operator MTS has a service called"The prohibition of content." Alone it can not be turn on or turn off the audio from your phone keypad, or from a personal account. Call from your home area, or to number 0890 8800250 0890. Wait consultant response. Tell us what you would like to include the service "Content ban" on the room from which the call, or if you are calling him, at the other.


Say the name, surname, patronymic, series and numberpassport holder SIM-card on which you want to add this service. The operator disconnects it. The rule according to which, the connection and disconnection services through consultant costs 45 rubles, "Ban content" does not apply. Note that some of the paid services of the operator MTS order will be the same.


"Beeline" provides a service for "Black and Whitelists. " Connect it is possible without the help of a consultant. For this call from the home area for the number 0858 with the SIM-card on which you want to activate the service. Listen to the text, read auto informant, and select from the keyboard according to the prompts required level of protection.


Note that, as in the previous case, someinternal services will not be disabled. And if you already have existing paid subscription, "Black and white" lists may not be enough. It is necessary in addition to disable the prepaid account USSD-command * 110 * 272 #. Conversely it can be included only in support dictated by the passport details.


The operator "MegaFon" provides a service"Stop-content". As in previous cases, it does not apply to some paid services of the operator. For its connection, enter the USSD-command * 105 * 801 #. Note that the roaming service is not valid.


If your phone uses a child to chooseHe is one of the children's tariff - any at all operators. Prohibition of sending SMS to short numbers on these fees are usually already there, and then it is not necessary to connect separately. Parents also get extras. For example, in some of these children can call tariffs unlimited parents for a small monthly fee, in other unlimited for a fixed fee is to determine the whereabouts of the child's parents.

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