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How to disable mailing in the mail

How do I stop sending in the mail

Email - a convenient way of communication through the Internet. It allows you to quickly send various files and getting information interesting.

In addition, email is often requested for registration sites.

And if you are an active surfer, then most likely, your mailbox clogged with unnecessary messages, from which it is high time to get rid.



If your e-mail from an unknown site comeadvertisements, the surest way to get rid of unwanted emails - send them spam. Open the message with annoying advertisements and click on "Spam" in the panel, which is usually located above the contents of the letter. After that all messages coming from this site will be automatically sent to your spam folder.


Remember, if you send a letter to the category"Spam", then your action will be recognized as a complaint about the site from which the letter comes. Therefore, use this function only when assured that do not subscribe to our newsletter.


Another way to deal with a hugea stack of unwanted emails - is the creation of special regulations or otherwise filtering. This feature allows you to automatically forward incoming messages with certain properties in a special folder on your mail, or immediately remove them.


Go to the selected message, and then click in the top bar "New Rule" or "Set Filter" (depending on the postal service). After that, follow the instructions and select the appropriate options.


The easiest, but not always work the way- Unsubscribe directly via the website. At the end of every sales letter there is a link "Unsubscribe here." Click on it, and configure this newsletter as you wish.

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