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How to disable roaming


How to disable roaming</a>

Roaming is a service by which a subscriberCan be in touch, traveling outside the "home zone". At the same time, his phone number is preserved, and anyone can call him, even if he is outside of Russia.

But it happens that you need to disable roaming.

And here there are different ways.



To disable this service, you can contact the customer service center of your mobile operator. At the same time, do not forget to bring your passport, which certifies your identity.


You can also call the company that supports you cellular. Operators will ask about the owner of the SIM card and after that will disable roaming.


If you have the opportunity to go online, thenYou can disable this service on the official website of your mobile operator. To do this, you will need to enter the password and phone number. And in the window that opens, find the "Services" tab and click "Disable" instead of the "Roaming" value.


If you do not have a password for using the "Service Guide", you can get it. You can also get acquainted with the method of receipt on the official website.


You can also disable roaming with the USSD command. The combination of values ​​you can see both on the official site, and on the booklet, which you provided when you connect to this operator.

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