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How do I disable roaming

How do I disable roaming

Roaming - a service whereby the subscriberIt can be connected, leaving the "home zone". At the same time his phone number is stored, and anyone can get through to him, even if staying outside Russia.

But it is such that you want to disable roaming.

Here, there are various ways.



To disable this service, you can contact the customer service center of your mobile operator. Do not forget to bring your passport, your identity.


You can also call the company servicing your mobile. Operators will be asked about the owner of the SIM card, and then disconnect roaming.


If you have the opportunity to go on the Internet, theYou can disable this service on your mobile operator's official website. To do this, you will need to enter a password, and phone number. And in the window that opens, find the tab "Services" and opposite values ​​of "roaming" click to disable.


If you do not have a password to use "service guide", it can be obtained. About the production process can be found on the official site.


You can also disable roaming via USSD-command. The combination of values, you can see how the official website, and the booklet that you provided when you connect to this provider.

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