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How to deactivate the service dial tone on the MTS


Buying a SIM card, we often get to "gift" a variety of services. For example, GOODOK.

This service replaces the conventional and boring beeps to your favorite tunes. After a time, you can send SMS, that this service is now paid and every month your account will disappear a certain amount.

Some users, such "gifts" are not necessary, and they begin to look for ways to get rid of them.



How to deactivate the service dial tone, the first option. To deactivate the service dial from the phone * 111 * 29 # and call key.


Take your passport and go to the nearest office of the MTS. Ask the manager to disable this service.


Call the short number 0890. With the mobile phone call is free. Explain center employee that you want to abandon the paid services. If you are outside of your region, dial the toll free number: +7 (846) 2675000. dial 0890 8800250 (toll free) from a landline or another operator number.


Disable service toot possible with the Internet Assistant. To do this, go to the official website of MTS. Scroll down the page the words "Internet Assistant", click on it.
On the left page, you can read information aswill receive a password to access the Members Area. To do this, enter your phone number on the website in the window and click the button to receive your password. After a few seconds the code will come to you in the SMS-message. Enter your phone number and password. You will get a personal account, where you can control their services, fees and expenses. Find a service dial tone and disconnect.


If you live in Ukraine, please send SMS to number 700 with the text off.
You can call the same number, and cancel the service with the help of the voice menu.

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