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How to disable autorun usb

How to disable autorun usb

Disabling autorun function sometimes does not needonly to have to open the window does not interfere with work, but also to protect your computer from malware and viruses contained on removable media.



Insert the USB-drive in the correct slot of the computer. You AutoPlay window will appear - select the check box "Take No Action" and click "OK".


If you do not help the preceding paragraph, usethe following method. Through the "Start" menu, go to "Run." Enter a string gpedit.msc, and press Enter. Next, open the configuration of your computer, then the tab "Administrative Templates." Go to the System Settings and disable the AutoRun.


Use another method. Open the "Start" menu, select "Run", type regedit in the string. Open HKLM branch, then Software, Microsoft, Current Version, Policies. Create a new directory in this section.


Created partition you rename razdeleExploreri here to create a key nazvaniemNoDriveTypeAutoRun assign it to one of the following:

0x1 - disable automatic startup drive system unknown type-

0x4 - disable the automatic start of removable & nbsp-USB-devices-

0x8 - disable autorun does not removable devices-

0x10 - disable automatic startup of network diskov-

0x20 - disable automatic startup CD-drive end of the

0x40 - disable RAM-diskov- automatic start

0x80 - disable auto run on drives of unknown tipov-

0xFF - disable the automatic start of all drives.


Take advantage of the autorun function offDevice which is assigned to the predetermined character in the computer. To do this, re-open the operating system registry, open the directory & nbsp-KLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer.


Select where to create a new key, insertits value 0x0-0x3FFFFFF. The rightmost letter corresponds to the binary representation of the disk A, the second - in the third - C and so on. For. changes to take effect, the bit must be set.

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