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How to disable usb autostart


How to disable usb autostart</a>

Disabling the autorun function is sometimes not necessaryOnly to ensure that the opening window does not interfere with the operation, but also to protect the computer from malicious programs and viruses contained on removable media.



Insert the USB drive into the corresponding slot on the computer. You will see an autorun window - check the box "Do not perform any actions" and click "OK".


If the previous item did not help, useIn the following way. From the Start menu, click Run. Type gpedit.msc in the line and press Enter. Next, open the computer's configuration, then the "Administrative Templates" tab. Go to the system settings and disable autorun.


Use one more method. Open the "Start" menu, select "Run", type in the string regedit. Open the HKLM branch, then Software, Microsoft, Current Version, Policies. Create a new partition in this directory.


Create the section that you created in the Explorer section and create a key with the name NoDriveTypeAutoRun, assign it one of the following values:

0x1 - disable automatic start of drives of unknown type-

0x4 - disable automatic start of removable & nbsp-USB-devices-

0x8 - disable automatic start of non-removable devices-

0x10 - disabling automatic start of network drives-

0x20 - disabling the automatic start of the CD drive-

0x40 - disable automatic start of RAM disks-

0x80 - disable automatic start on drives of unknown types-

0xFF - disable automatic start of all disks.


Use the function to turn off autorunDevices that have been assigned a predefined letter in the computer. To do this, re-open the operating system registry, open the & nbsp-KLM / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer directory.


Select there the creation of a new key, paste inIts value is 0x0-0x3FFFFFF. The rightmost letter corresponds in the binary representation to disk A, the second - B, the third - C and so on. For. So that the changes take effect, the bit must be set.

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