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How to disable Instant Upload


How to disable Instant Upload</a>

Sooner or later, but in the life of the userComputer there is a situation when the time that the operating system spends on downloading, lasts long and unbearably. The reasons for such an incident can be very different, starting with errors in the computer and ending with incorrect processing of startup files.

Despite the current situation, there is always a solution.

You will need

  • System setup, Revo Uninstaller software.



Every day, looking through the best blogsSoftware, you download the next and unnecessary program. It would seem that a lot of programs have been installed, but each new one is better than the previous one several times. Therefore, at startup, a "dump" from these programs starts to be copied, in the end you get a rather slow download of the operating system on the computer. In order to significantly increase the speed of loading the operating system, you need to get rid of most programs that hang in the startup. After destroying even half of this "dump", you will see a significant increase in download speed.


The easiest way to clean up the startup is to use the System Configuration feature. You can start the window of this function in the following ways:

- Start Menu - Run - msconfig - OK -

- a combination of keys "Win + R" - "msconfig" - "OK"

- create a shortcut on the desktop, the address to the object being run will be the value "C: WINDOWSpchealthhelpctrbinariesmsconfig.exe".
Go to the "Startup" tab - removeA mark opposite to unnecessary items of autoload. Click "Close", in the dialog box, select the preferred option "Restart" or "Quit without reboot".

How to disable Instant Upload


You can also monitor the status of autoloadOperating system with the help of specialized programs. An example of such a program is Revo Uninstaller. Absolutely free program with a high degree of reliability. You can edit the startup list in this program in the following order. Open the "Startup Manager" tab, uncheck the items that you do not want to see at startup, and click the "Run" button on the top panel.

How to disable Instant Upload

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