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How to disable autorun

How to disable autorun

Sooner or later, but in the life of the userthe computer appears a situation where time is spent operating system to load, lasts long and unbearable. The reasons for such accidents can be very different, ranging from errors in computer work and finishing treatment of irregular startup files.

Despite the current situation, there is always a solution to it.

You will need

  • Setting up the system, the software Revo Uninstaller.



Every day, browsing the best blogssoftware downloads, and another unwanted program. It would seem, have a lot of programs installed, but each new better than the old several times. Therefore, in the startup begins to accumulate, "dumping" of these programs, in the end you get a pretty slow loading of the operating system on your computer. In order to significantly increase the operating speed of the system boot, you need to get rid of most of the programs, which hang at startup. After the destruction of even half of this "dump", you will see a significant increase in download speed.


The easiest way to clean startup is to use the "System Setup" function. Start window of this function in the following ways:

- "Start" menu - "Run" - "msconfig," - "OK" -

- Key combination «Win + R» - «msconfig» - «OK» -

- To create a shortcut on your desktop to launch objects location will serve as the value «C: WINDOWSpchealthhelpctrbinariesmsconfig.exe».
Click the "Startup" - cleanmark against unneeded startup items. Click "Close" to select the preferred option "Restart" or dialog "Exit without restart."

How to disable autorun


You can also monitor the status of startupoperating system using specialized software. An example of such a program can serve as Revo Uninstaller. Absolutely free program with a high degree of reliability. Editing the startup list in the program in the following order. Click the "Startup Manager" uncheck opposite the items that you do not like to see at startup, and then click "Start" on the top panel.

How to disable autorun

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