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How to disable the Beep service in the phone

How to disable the Beep service

The service "Beep", provided by the MTS operator, which can be replaced whistles tunes.

It connects automatically after purchase SIM-card, and sometimes after the tariff change.

The first two weeks it's free, and then it becomes applicable.

To avoid the costs for this service, it must be turned off.



Disable the service "Beep" through the voice portalonly the home area, otherwise the call will be paid. Call the number 0550. Select voice menu, disable the corresponding services. Location of the item in the menu may change as the portal developers often change its structure. But he was always there. Listen carefully, and you will find it.


USSD-request to disable this service can be anywhere, even in roaming. To do this, use the command * 111 * 29 #.


Also, the service can be disabled via a personal accountMTS. This will require unlimited internet, and if it mobile, then stay in the home area. When roaming, you can use a public Wi-Fi access point or internet cafe. Visit the website of MTS in the user's personal account.


Click on "Get password by SMS». Enter your number and captcha. Click the "Get Password". He will come in the SMS-message. Keep it a secret! Please type the password and click "Login." After entering the personal account, go to "Internet Assistant", and then select the link "Service Management". In the services list, locate GOOD'OK and click on "Disable" link. Confirm the shutdown. Be sure to log out of the portal and then, especially if the computer is a stranger.


It is also possible, while in the home area,call the number 0890 or 0890 8800250, wait for an answer and ask the operator to turn off the service "Beep". But this is not the best option, because the connection and disconnection of services through support costs 45 rubles. The consultant may instead send you and an SMS with the USSD-command for self-shutdown "Buzzer", but in this action makes no sense, because this command and as shown in the second step.


In all cases, after a request for disconnectionWait service SMS-notifications. There may be two: first - that the request is queued, and the second - that it is made, and may be one, just stating the execution of the request. After this call to your number from another phone, but the phone does not answer. If another phone poslyshatsya whistles, not the melody, the service is successfully disabled. The next day, make sure that the funds for the "Beep" your account will no longer be removed.

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