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Diphtheria: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications

Diphtheria: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications

Diphtheria - a disease of infectious etiology, which is manifested by inflammation of the pharynx.

Diphtheria mainly children's disease, but may be ill adults.

Causes of diphtheria

Infection occurs from diphtheria carrier or sick person. Most often the disease occurs in autumn-winter period.

Diphtheria causes are:

  1. Violation of immunity.
  2. Neglect of vaccination, as vaccination against diphtheria - this is the best way to protect yourself from infection.
  3. Resistant pathogens.

Symptoms of diphtheria

For diphtheria is characterized by the appearance of fibrous films on the tonsils, which are difficult to remove with a spatula. When you try to remove them, bleeding occurs.

Symptoms of diphtheria also provides high body temperature, inflammation in the oropharynx, weakness, and tachycardia.

In addition to the defeat of the oropharynx, in rare cases, there are signs of diphtheria of the larynx. This dangerous form in which may develop respiratory failure.

Diagnosis of diphtheria

Diagnosis of diphtheria causes no difficulty. It is enough to examine the oropharynx and take a swab to detect the pathogen.

In the case of diphtheria complications conduct additional diagnostic methods: ECG, ultrasound of the heart and kidney, urinalysis, and complete blood count.

diphtheria Treatment

  1. Enter the diphtheria serum. It is more effective during the first 4 days after onset.
  2. Antibiotics, which take 14 days.
  3. In the palatine tonsil and darling applied interferon ointment.
  4. Antihistamines.
  5. Antipyretics.
  6. Vitamins.
  7. Dezintaksikatsionnaya therapy.

Complications of diphtheria

The most frequent complications of diphtheria include:

  1. Toxic nefro.z
  2. Myocarditis.
  3. cerebral edema.
  4. Pneumonia.
  5. Toxic shock.
  6. Paresis of the soft palate.

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