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Show dinosaurs in Moscow

Show dinosaurs in Moscow - a unique event that is sure to have time to visit.

This is not just a museum with the ancient reptiles, is an interactive game in which the child is actively involved.

Dinosaur Park, where you can see the 3D movie about the ancient world, ride a Diplodocus, to participate in various workshops, will be of interest not only children but also adults.

Show dinosaurs in Moscow - the largest exhibition of reptiles of the Mesozoic era

Dinosaur Park is located in the heartcapital - at the Lubyanka, the Central Children's World. This toy store is built before the revolution, he was visited by many generations as the residents of Moscow and visitors. Now this is not just a children's department. This interactive platform on which are a variety of activities.

Dinosaurs in Moscow on Lubyanka accommodate 31March 2015. View dinozavtrov can be up to 17 January 2016 inclusive. Dinosaur Museum in Moscow - a huge 30 ancient dinosaurs (the biggest - 16 meters in height), which move and growl. Every week there are held various workshops in which animators acquaint children with the life on the planet for millions of years before our era, make a beautiful akvagrim teach zhanglirovat balls, etc.

Once the show is broadcast dinosaurs in Moscowan interesting 3D film that allows you to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the Mesozoic era. There at the exhibition and a games area, where the interactive games and contests, every week new.

Dinosaurs in Moscow in 2015 - the ticket price and schedule

Dinosaurs in Moscow on Lubyanka available forVisit daily adult ticket cost - 550 rubles on weekdays and 600 - at the weekend. A child can get into the dinosaur park for 450 and 500 rubles respectively.

Each week of master classes devotedspecific topics. For example, from 2 to 6 June 2015 the children will create their own bright umbrella decorated with appliqués with dinosaurs. From 8 to 11 June - tinkering unique jewelry that you can wear yourself or give to friends. Organizers of the show dinosaurs in Moscow are trying to please their youngest visitors, coming up with exciting interactive activities for each day.

Where can I see dinosaurs still in Moscow

Dinosaurs in Moscow on Lubyanka - is not the only exhibition that introduces children and adults in the past of the planet Earth. View dinosaurs can be in several places.

1. Dinosaur Museum in Moscow (Museum of Paleontology, Profsoyuznaya street, 123.) - One of the largest natural history museums in the world. It covers a huge area - 5000 square meters. Fooling exposure in one day is impossible. Opening hours of the museum - from 11 to 18, a day off - Monday and Tuesday.

2. Dinosaurs are located in Moscow and in the Biological Museum of. Timiryazev (Moscow Georgian St., 15). There in the Hall of Evolution, the history of the origin of life on earth from the vast global ocean waters to impassable jungle with orgomnoe lizards.

3. Dinosaurs had occupied and the Darwin Museum in Moscow (Vavaliva st., 57). There are exposed skeletons of ancient dinosaurs and several times a week goes a fascinating tour "In the world of ancient animals."

Dinosaurs in Moscow - the best weekend with family

Dinosaurs in Moscow (2015 can be called the year,especially rich in exhibitions devoted to the past of the planet) will interest the whole family. Visiting a museum or an interactive site allows children and adults to learn something new and exciting to participate in master classes, which makes the family more united. General hobbies - that is what unites both children and adults. And dinosaurs in Moscow - an excellent opportunity for a new family hobby.

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