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Advantages of Serum for Hair


To the hair was beautiful and healthy, behind themYou need to look after. Many for this purpose buy masks, balms, creams and other caring means. Now in the market of cosmetology there are serums for hair, which in their action are similar to all of the above means taken together.

Serum for hair

Beautiful, healthy and shiny hair -Decoration, as well as the pride of every woman! Cosmetology tries to help in the matter of caring for them and constantly pleases us with its novelties. Currently, a huge popularity is gaining serum for hair. This is due to the fact that this tool immediately has: a mask, and styling, and air conditioning.

Of course, all sera have different composition, but inThey are always present such components as: essential oils, extracts of medicinal plants and vitamins. To enhance its properties, proteins, stem cells and biotin are added to the composition. The difference between the serum and other agents is that it penetrates the hair much deeper and reaches the hair follicles, thereby feeding them.

According to research, it is revealed that the hair, forWhich are treated with serum, grow by 20% faster than when using another product. Useful properties are not considered the only advantage of the serum. It is well applied to all hair and does not need to be washed off. After application an invisible film is formed, protecting the hair from the negative effects of plaques, hairdryers or ironing.

Serum is available in capsules, in vials and even in the form of a cream. Its advantage is saving money, because you will not need to purchase several products for hair care.

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