How to dig a well


How to dig a well</a>

Wells are ancient engineering structures that are sources of clean water.

The popularity of wells in our time is increasing. They are built even by those owners who have water supply.

Over the centuries, the technology of building wells has not changed.

You will need

  • - Reinforced concrete wells
  • - shovel
  • - building level
  • - gravel
  • - bucket



It is best to build a well in the summer. Before digging a well, you need to choose a location and clearly define the purpose of the well. If water is needed for irrigation, then dig a shallow well. Water from such a well is not suitable for drinking. Quality water is deeper, below the clay waterproof layer. Some determine the aquifer by the method of dredging using a frame. This non-traditional method has no justification, but often gives the right result. The second method? Digging of exploratory wells. For the construction of a well, purchase reinforced concrete well rings. You can buy rings that have a smooth end surface, but it is possible? With lock fastening.


If you dig a well properly, it will serve for a long time. After determining the location of the well, excavate a pit 50 centimeters deep, into which lay the first ring.


Then break under the first ring the ground, until the ring sits below the ground level. Put on this ring the next and again choose the soil.


Check the position of the rings periodically with a level. After reaching the groundwater, you need to dig until the lower ring is immersed in water. This part is called a water intake. It will collect and store groundwater. The depth of the water intake is usually one meter.


Set the bottom of the gravel, and the joints between the ringsStop it. Cover the well with a lid. Is it suitable for any waterproof material? Stone, concrete, metal, wood. Make the cover so that it closes very tightly. In the cover, make a hole for the suction pipe to which the pump is connected. In addition to the protective function, the lid also has a decorative cover. Therefore, it is possible to decorate the top of the well in the form of a house. The well is ready.

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