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How to dig a well

How to dig a well

The wells are ancient engineering constructions, which are sources of clean water.

Popularity wells in our time increases. They build even those owners who have a water supply.

For centuries, the technology of building the wells remained practically unchanged.

You will need

  • - Reinforced concrete well ring
  • - shovel
  • - building level
  • - gravel
  • - bucket



Build a well is best in the summer. Before you dig a well, you need to choose the place and to clearly define the purpose of the well. If the water is needed for irrigation, then dig a shallow pit. Water from this well to drink will not do. High-quality water is deeper, below the impermeable clay layer. Some define the aquifer by using dowsing frame. This unconventional method has no justification, but often gives the correct result. The second method? digging exploratory wells. For the construction of the well buy reinforced concrete well ring. You can buy a ring having a flat end surface, and it is possible? with a locking mount.


If you dig a well correctly, it will serve a long time. Having determined the location of the well, dig a hole depth of 50 centimeters, which lay the first ring.


Then they dig through the soil first ring until the ring settles below ground level. Put a ring on it again and choose the next ground.


The position of rings periodically check the level. When he reached the ground water, it is necessary to dig up until the bottom ring is not immersed in water. This portion is called the water inlet. It will be collected and stored underground water. The depth of the receiving water is typically one meter.


Paved with gravel bottom, and the joints between the ringsTerminate. Cover the pit cover. To cover any suitable waterproof material? stone, concrete, metal, wood. Make the cover so that it is closed very tightly. In the cover make a hole for a suction pipe connected to the pump. Cover besides the protective function performs also decorative. Therefore, we can draw the top of the well in the form of a house. Well done.

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