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How to dig a well

How to dig a well

On any plot requires a large amount of water: watering plants, arrangement of the pool or bath.

Well, if nearby there is a natural source of water, but still much more convenient to have a private well.

You will need

  • shovel, bucket, wheelbarrow, crowbar



First you need to reconnoiter, and whether there is any in yourarea aquifers. If your neighbors have dug wells and they have water, it is safe to dig a well and at home. If the existing wells are not near, it would first have to drill exploration wells. This is the modern way to establish the presence of aquifers. Experts do not recommend relying on the vine, or a frame, which previously looked the water.


It is necessary to choose the right place for the well. Of course, it should be guided to the desire and convenience of the site owner, but it is necessary to avoid contamination of water sources. On the upper wastewater may affect the landfill, garbage and compost heaps. Well better placed away from them.


Decide on the depth of the well. For watering suburban area and other household needs fit well depth of 5 to 20 meters. This well will not depend on other sources of water. Most likely the water is not potable, as the artesian waters are at a depth of over 40 meters, but everything for a miniskvazhiny will take a lot of effort, time and money. In addition, if the local swampy soil, the water will still be contaminated with the upper waters.


Select the time to dig a well. In principle, you can dig in any season, but it is worth remembering that in the spring, during snow melt, the water level rises and does not reflect the real state of affairs. summer water well dug in the spring can easily be dry. But in the winter and autumn the groundwater level is lowered, so if you dig a well at this time and it will be filled, in the summer you will be provided with water exactly. Do not be afraid to dig in the winter. In our latitudes, the ground freezes to a depth of just one meter, and the top layers easily warm campfire.


Usually dig three wells. One works at the bottom, filling the bucket ground crowbar he turns stones. The second takes the top bucket, and the third has a rest, to change one of them, and drove the land. To simplify the work, or to achieve a significant depth of the excavation place set wooden gate, which raise a bucket of earth and stones. At a depth of hard work, high humidity, poor ventilation and low temperatures forced the workers often replace each other.


The walls of the well reinforce concrete rings. There are two ways. First, the ring is placed as digging, adding new top and scooping a place for the following under them. All rings column gradually falls under its own weight. The second method is only suitable for dry and lasting ground. First, dig a well in full, and then lowered into his concrete rings.


It is necessary to protect the well from the top of dirty water, forThis works as a ring coat with a solution. At the bottom of the well placed stones and gravel, so it turns a simple filter for groundwater. On top of the well protected from rain and snow, leaving the top ring to stick to the ground, make a canopy.

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