How to dig a well


How to dig a well</a>

On any private plot requires a large amount of water: for watering plants, equipping the pool or bath.

Well, if there is a natural source nearby, but it is still much more convenient to have your own well.

You will need

  • Shovels, bucket, wheelbarrow, scrap



First you need to explore, and is there anyway in yourAquiferous horizons. If your neighbors have already dug wells and there is water in them, then you can safely dig a well at home. If there are no wells in the vicinity, you will first have to drill a reconnaissance well. This is the most modern way to establish the presence of aquifers. Experts do not recommend to rely on the vine or frame, with which they used to look for water.


It is necessary to choose the right place for the well. Of course, the desire and convenience of the owner of the site is to be guided, however, sources of water pollution should be avoided. The landfill can be influenced by landfills, garbage and compost piles. It is better to keep the well away from them.


Determine the depth of the well. For irrigation of the suburban area and other household needs a well of 5 to 20 meters in depth is suitable. Such a well will not allow to depend on other sources of water. Most likely, the water in it will not be drinking, as artesian waters pass at a depth of over 40 meters, but many such forces, time and money will take up the arrangement of such a minivan. In addition, if the local soils are marshy, the water will still be contaminated by the upper waters.


Choose the time for digging a well. In principle, you can dig at any time of the year, but it is worth remembering that in the spring, during the thawing of snow, the water level rises and does not reflect the real state of affairs. Dug in the spring well in the summer can easily be dry. But in winter and autumn the groundwater table is lowered, so if you dig a well at this time and it will be filled, in the summer you will definitely be provided with water. Do not be afraid to dig the ground in winter. In our latitudes the earth freezes to a depth of only one meter, and the upper layers can be easily warmed by a dilute fire.


Usually a well is digging three. One works at the bottom, filling the bucket with earth, breaking out stones with a crowbar. The second one at the top takes a bucket, and the third one rests to change one of them, or takes the ground. To simplify the work or to achieve a serious depth above the excavation site, a wooden gate is set up, which lifts a bucket of earth and stones. At the depth of work hard, high humidity, poor ventilation and low temperature force the workers to frequently replace each other.


The walls of the well are reinforced with concrete rings. There are two ways. First: the rings are laid as digging, adding new ones from above and digging out a space for the following. The entire column of rings gradually descends under its own weight. The second method is suitable only for dry and durable soil. First dig the well completely, and then lower into it the concrete rings.


It is necessary to protect the well from the upper muddy waters, forThis as the rings are coated with a solution. Stones and gravel are placed on the bottom of the well, thus a simple filter for groundwater is obtained. On top of the well protect from rain and snow, leaving the upper ring to stick out above the ground, make a shed.

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