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Difficulties in the cultivation of palm trees

The difficulties in the cultivation of palm trees

Adult palms are quite expensive, but it makes sense to buy a plant it. With proper care, it certainly will thank you with its splendid view.

It is important to notice the problem and take action to palm grew and gave you their beauty.



Brown tips of the leaves. The cause is dry air. Palma is in need of spraying, especially in hot weather. Also do not forget about adequate watering.


Yellow leaves. The leaves turn yellow from lack of watering. Do not forget that in the heat of the palm need more moisture, the roots must not dry out.


Defeat pests. Palma is subject to attack spider mites. This insect is located on the inner side of the sheet, and the sheet of paper covered with yellow tubercles. Spray plant derrisom, and the tick will not. Also Palma can be attacked by the mealybug. These white insects gather in groups of leaves. Fight they should be in the early stages - just wipe with a piece of paper, removing insects moist cotton swab.


Brown spots on leaves. This illness occurs or when excessive irrigation, or with a sharp decrease in temperature of the contents. Be sure to remove the damaged leaves and COPE and their mistakes.


Completely brown leaves. If only the lower leaves darken, it is a natural process of aging and dying off. Just tear off the old dark leaves. If browning occurs throughout the palm, it indicates too abundant irrigation. Reduce your watering.

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