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Difficulties in growing chlorophytum


Difficulties in cultivating chlorophytum</a>

Chlorophytum is one of the most common indoor plants.

This flower grows very fast, is unpretentious in care, and its beautiful curved leaves look very much in a variety of compositions.



Another plus of chlorophytum - it is almost not subject to pest attacks. A weak plant can kill aphids, but this problem is easily solved by using derris.


Brown tips of leaves.
Your chlorophytum lacks nutrition, so feed the plant with every watering. Another cause may be mechanical damage to the leaves. Protect the plant from pets.


The leaves are pale and soft.
With such ailment most often encounter in winter. Do not put chlorophytum to the battery and, check if it is in a sufficiently lit place.


Brown spots on the leaves.
Also a winter problem. This is due to overmoistening of the soil. Cut the watering.


Brown spots on wrinkled leaves.
Chlorophytum does not have enough water. Remember that in the period of active growth, the plant needs more abundant watering.


The absence of peduncles.
The reason is a tight pot. Transplant the plant, but remember that the young chlorophytum should not have stems.

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