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Difficulties in learning to read: how to pass the test

Difficulties in learning to read: how to pass the test

What parent would not want that to be the child quickly and successfully mastered the basics of reading, writing, numeracy.

But not all children are equally well it turns out.

Some of them are experiencing great difficulties in learning, such as reading.

In this case, the parent is important not to discourage the child from books, but on the contrary, overcome all difficulties, to instill a love of literature.

Exactly how to do this?



If your child already knows and is able to read the letters,but is having trouble reading the text should be selected so that they correspond to the age and capabilities of the student. The text should be printed in large type, proposals should consist of no more than 10 words. Try to keep in texts as small as possible of complex and unfamiliar words. All these warnings will contribute to the ease of learning and reading comprehension child.


At the beginning of employment must always be set upchild classes, to increase its self-confidence and abilities. Use lessons cubes, mosaic, ball, color pictures. Be sure to turn in assignments and the texts of cartoon characters, fairy tale characters that are already known to the kid.


Each lesson some end the game. It can be a throwing of a ball broken words into syllables or repeat the alphabet. So the child formed a positive setting for the next session. Most praise him, cheering, the slightest mark of his achievement. Do not skimp on the good words, smiles. It can be used to motivate learning table, where you will make to achieve the child.


After the game intro you can move on to morecomplex tasks. Exercise should be a different level of complexity, thus it is necessary to start with the lighter, gradually complicating the task. It is imperative to identify those issues that cause difficulties for the child. Pick up the texts so that they were precisely the complex syllables, letters and words. It is they sharpen focus during training. Also include them in all game exercises. Encourage your child to put the right words out of blocks or letters difficult to find in the picture.


You can with your child some of the exercises that help in teaching reading. So, ask your child not to collect mosaicsample, and start from the left bottom corner to the left or right. Play with him with verbal lotto. For this set of cards can be used with names of animals. After reading a word, he must find the animal on the map. This will allow your child to memorize the word, which he read. But most importantly, read for yourself and read to your baby. It can be a personal example for your child's main motivation to reading.

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