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Difficulties in teaching reading: how to pass the test


Difficulties in teaching reading: how to pass the test</a>

What kind of parent does not dream of having his child quickly and successfully learn the basics of reading, writing, counting.

But not all children get it equally well.

Some of them experience enormous difficulties in teaching, for example, reading.

In this case it is very important for a parent not to turn the child away from books, but on the contrary, having overcome all difficulties, to instill a love for literature.

How to do it exactly?



If your child already knows the letters and can read,But has difficulty in reading, it is necessary to select texts so that they correspond to the age and abilities of the student. The text should be printed in large print, sentences should consist of no more than 10 words. Try to keep the texts as little as possible of complex and unfamiliar words. All these warnings will facilitate the ease of learning and understanding of what the child reads.


At the beginning of the training you must set upChild to class, increase his confidence in their own abilities and abilities. Use cubes, mosaic, ball, color pictures for lessons. Be sure to include in the tasks and texts of the characters of cartoons, fairy-tale characters that are already known to the kid.


Complete each game with a game. This can be throwing the ball with a breakdown of the word into syllables or by repeating the alphabet. So the child develops a positive attitude to subsequent classes. More often praise him, cheer him up, mark the slightest achievement. Do not skimp on kind words, smiles. You can use the table to motivate the training, where you will make the achievements of the child.


After the gaming introductions, you can move on to moreComplex tasks. Exercises should be of different levels of complexity, while starting with lighter, gradually complicating tasks. It is necessary to identify those points that cause difficulties for the child. Choose texts so that they contain exactly those complex syllables, letters and words. It is on them that you should focus on learning. Also include them in all game exercises. Invite the child to add the necessary words from the cubes or look for complex letters in the picture.


You can do some exercises with the child that help with learning Reading. So, offer the kid to collect a mosaic not onSample, and start from the lower left corner or from right to left. Play with it with a verbal lotto. To do this, you can use a set of cards with animal names. After reading the word, he must find the animal on the map. This will allow the child to memorize the word he read. But most importantly, read it yourself and read to your baby. It is a personal example that can be the main motivation for your child to Reading.

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