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Difficulties in growing monstera

Difficulties in growing monstera

Monstera - a real queen of indoor plants. Its carved leaves adorn any home, greenhouse or garden.

Like any other plant, monstera signals to us about improper care of it, but if the time to recognize the problem, then this gorgeous plant grower will enjoy for years to come.



Leaves "cry."
Education moisture on leaves monstera signals too abundant moisture of the soil. Give the plant a little rest - increase the intervals between waterings.


The decay of the stems.
In winter, due to the excess moisture and low temperatures on the stems monstera fungus multiplies. Repot the plant in another pot and reduce watering.


Yellow leaves.
If the leaves, in addition to yellowing, rot and wither,the soil is moistened. If there is only a yellowing, then the cause of the lack of fertilizer. Yellowing of only the lower leaves and the appearance of dark spots on them is the lack of moisture. Pale leaves with yellow spots - a clear sign of excess light. Carefully read the signs and determine your next steps.


Leaf fall.
Lower leaves are falling due to aging. But if you fall off several leaves and abscission before they become dry and dark, the plant is under stress from an elevated temperature. Very often in the winter Monstera rearrange the battery. Doing this is not necessary.


Bare bottom of the barrel with small leaves.
Remove the plant from the shadows. In a dark place monstera not growing.


Brown tops and edges of the leaves.
The reason - the dry air. Spray monstera leaves. Also check whether the plant is not too small pot and transplant it if necessary.


Leaves without holes inherent to monstera.
Move the plant in a place that getsa sufficient amount of light. At high monstera water and nutrients can not reach the top. Deepen aerial roots into the soil. If no slots in young leaves, do not worry, they will over time.

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