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DIFFICULTIES in the cultivation of the touchy senses


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Shortcut - a house plant, known as balsam, can please the flower grower with flowers all year round.

It is unpretentious, easily reproduces and very fond of light.



Deforestation contributes mainly toHypothermia. If the temperature rise in the habitat of the plant does not help, then check for the presence of pests on it. Also, the loss of leaves can be triggered by irregular watering of the touchy.


Wilting leaves is a clear sign of dehydration of the plant. The only solution is frequent watering, but constantly keep a saucer with water under a pot with a plant is not needed.


Weak flowering, unfortunately, a number of reasons: Lack of light, lack of nutrition, low temperature or premature transplant. Try to determine the most likely cause of the balsam disease and take action.


The temperature is too high in combination withThe lack of light leads to the stretching of the stems. If you are sure that the touchy is in a comfortable environment, unfortunately, you will have to discard the plant. The new varieties do not have such a flaw.


If you transplant the plant into a too loose pot, then it will not bloom. To admire the flowering sensuality, the plant needs to grow in a small pot.


The decay of the roots of the shortcut, like that of many other plants, is caused by too much watering. Be sure to reduce watering in winter.


Lack of light leads to the inevitable fall of flowers. If the balsam is in a place where enough light penetrates, try to spray its leaves more often.

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