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Difficulties in growing Impatiens

The difficulties in the cultivation of Impatiens

Touchy - houseplant, known as Impatiens can delight grower blooming all year round.

It is unpretentious, easy to propagate, and is very fond of light.



Leaf fall helps mainlyhypothermia. If the increase in temperature in the habitat plants do not work, check the presence on it of pests. Also, leaf loss can be triggered by irregular watering Impatiens.


Wilting leaves - a sure sign of dehydration plants. The only solution is frequent watering, but keep a small dish of water under the pot with the plant is not necessary.


A weak bloom, unfortunately, a number of reasons: lack of light, lack of nutrition, low temperature or premature transplant. Try to determine the most likely cause of illness balsam and take action.


Too high temperatures in combination withlack of light leads to elongation of stems. If you are sure that is touchy in a comfortable environment, unfortunately, have to throw the plant. For new varieties of such defect not.


If the transplant plant in a pot too loose, that blossom it will not. To admire the flowering impatiens, plants need to grow in close pot.


The decay of the roots of Impatiens, like many other plants, caused by too much water. Be sure to reduce watering in winter.


The lack of light leads to the inevitable shedding of flowers. If Impatiens is in place, which gets enough light, try to spray the leaves frequently.

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