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Difficulties in growing Dracaena

Difficulties in growing Dracaena

Dracaena popularity is constantly growing.

These plants have become both home and office space. Dracaena quite hardy and with proper care does not cause any problems to the owner



Brown tips or edges of the leaves. The most likely reason - the dry air. It takes place in the wet peat pot and regularly sprayed. Another reason could be a draft.


Soft twisted leaves with brown edges. The reason for this disease is cold. In the winter nights is better to remove the plant from the window sill.


Yellowing lower leaves. This is not a problem, since it is a natural sign of dracaena. The leaves of this plant are short lived, they turn yellow and die after 2 years. Do not worry about it.


Dark spots on the leaves. Dracaena needs a plentiful watering. The land must always be moistened.


The bright spots. on the leaves. Too much sunlight. Output is obvious - move the plant to less-lit place.


The plant dies. Too much water in winter or low temperature. If the time to reduce watering and increase the temperature of the contents, the dracaena can be saved.

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