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Diet for the press


Every woman wants to have a flat tummy, and if with a beautiful relief of the press - so this is generally a dream! In addition to regular exercises, you can experience a special diet for the press.

Diet for the press
Basic principles of the diet for the press

You will have to exclude from your diet a sweet,Mayonnaise, pastries, ketchup, fast food and carbonated drinks. It is required to limit the amount of consumed fats, use only fats of vegetable origin.

Women's diet for the press is much more difficult thanMen, because ladies are more predisposed to the accumulation of fat. So, minimize consumption of salt - it delays water in the body. Before going to bed, too, do not drink water, the last meal should take place three hours before bedtime. Diet change gradually, you need to get used to it, learn how to enjoy it.

First, the diet will be as follows: Refuse from harmful food, consume no more than 1200 calories. Eat so one week. The third part of the plate must consist of proteins, other products - carbohydrates. Every day eat six times a day, but the portions should be 200 grams. During the day you will always be full.

Diet for the relief press has the followingRatio: 15% - fats, 20% - proteins, 65% - carbohydrates. Eat 2 liters of water every day. Watch for the amount of fiber - its presence in the diet is mandatory! Do not starve - it just hurts the body. Give up food supplements.

Here's the diet for an ideal press:
For breakfast, you can eat a plate of oatmeal, drink fresh juice.
For the second breakfast any fruit.
For dinner, vegetable soup, vegetable salad and a small slice of dietary meat.
For a snack a little nuts, dried fruits, a glass of kefir.
For dinner, lettuce and a plate of beans.

Let's sum up. Thanks to intensive training and proper nutrition, you can achieve good results by making the press embossed and beautiful. If you lose weight and make the tummy flat, and then start again to eat buns, cakes and stuff without stopping, fat will return to the place, and even more.

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