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Diet of a nursing mother with colic in a baby


Colic in a newborn is a serious test forThe child and his parents. To help the formation of the baby's gastrointestinal tract and cope with the problem, it is necessary to pay special attention to the ration of the nursing mother. As a rule, the younger the baby, the more strict the diet should be.

Diet of a nursing mother with colic in a baby
Immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract andAbsence of enzymes that promote excellent digestion are one of the main reasons for the appearance of colic in a baby. Also, the increase in gas formation in a child is caused by an improper feeding of the nursing mother. In order not to complicate the state of the baby, it is necessary to adhere to a special diet.

Most often colic affects boys, gas formation is noted in 70% of newborns.

Nursing Mom's Diet

When breastfeeding, there is no need to eatOnly some products. The diet of the mother should be moderately varied and full, the caloric content of all the dishes eaten should be about 3500 calories or slightly less. Breastfeeding mothers to increase the amount of milk you need to drink more fluids than usual. It is enough to drink about two liters of weak tea a day, clean water. You do not need to experiment with compotes, juices, fruit drinks and fermented milk products, until the child grows up.
When colic in a baby from the diet of the mother needsExclude pastries, bread, any sharp and salty, smoked dishes, pickled vegetables. You can not eat a lot of sweet, fatty, this can also provoke gas formation.

Optimal to enter into the diet of a nursing mother a lotVegetables, but use them better in boiled or baked form. It is better to give preference to soft vegetables - green, white, as products of a red, orange hue can cause allergies.

What you can not eat mom with colic

Colic usually occurs in children older than twoWeeks. Increase gazoobrazovaniya due to the gradual adaptation of the child's body to the mother's milk. And the colic itself is due to the shrinking of the walls of the intestine, which is trying to digest food.

The cause of colic can be andImproper feeding - the child swallows a lot of air, or in milk, little lactose. In any case, with pain in the tummy you need to turn to the pediatrician.

Under the ban in the diet of my mother should fall blackBread, sauerkraut, beans. Fruit is also better not to eat, except for baked apples. Dairy products can be consumed, but it is necessary to leave only kefir in the diet. Whole milk is not recommended. You do not need to eat nuts, any canned food, soy, chocolate. Give preference to low-fat varieties of meat, potatoes, cereals, macaroni from durum wheat. Remember that these restrictions are a temporary phenomenon, after the disappearance of colic in the crumb, you can again gradually introduce your favorite foods.

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