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Diet Lulu


Diet Lulu is a vegetarian effective diet, thanks to this diet singer Lulu managed to throw two weeks more than three kilos, hence the name.

Diet Lulu
Features of the Lulu diet

Representatives of the stronger sex also followRecommendations of this diet, only your daily diet will need to be supplemented with two slices of bread with bran and margarine, a glass of dark or light beer and potatoes in a uniform (130 g).

Daily dose of skim milk to coffee or teaIs 350 ml, water can be consumed a lot, but still it is better to choose mineral water without gases. Once a day, you can drink a glass of champagne or dry wine.

In the morning, you must immediately drink a glass of lemon juice, half diluted in water, sweeten it can be a substitute for sugar.

Sample diet menu Lulu

For breakfast:

Fruit salad from one orange, apple, blueberry or raspberry, melon. 30 g of any unsweetened cereal.

Between breakfast and lunch you can eat sweet: a warm bun, a small bagel, a small chocolate bar or a chocolate bar.

For lunch:

A large portion of mixed salad. One main course to choose from:
- 180 g of potatoes in a uniform, 12 g of margarine, 12 g of grated cheese-
- a slice of canned peach, 100 g of homemade cheese-
- 75 grams of any pasta, canned tomatoes, greens, garlic, 50 g of tuna or shrimp.

There is also an afternoon snack - one pear or an apple.

For dinner:

Large portions of boiled vegetables without oil. Main dish to choose from:
- 125 g of boiled beans, toast with bran-
- 150 grams of fish baked with onions in foil, you can sprinkle with lemon juice-
- 75 g of pasta, 75 g of tuna or shrimp, garlic, greens, canned tomatoes,
- braised cauliflower with cheese sauce (250 ml of milk, 12 g of margarine, a spoon flour, 25 g low fat cheese).

On such a diet, you can sit for several weeks, because it can not be called hungry. Although gradually, but the extra pounds will go away.

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