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Diet in diseases of the liver and gall bladder


Dietary nutrition in diseases of the liver andGallbladder is often a salvation for patients, as it allows not only to reduce the burden on the affected organs, but also with the medicines has a good therapeutic effect. It is important to choose the right diet.

Vegetable soups and salads are the basis of dietary nutrition in hepatitis and cholecystitis
Diet in diseases of the liver and gall bladderShould have a gentle effect on the inflamed organ, stimulate bile secretion and promote the normal functioning of the digestive system. Patients are advised to eat up to five times a day every three hours and in small portions.

Permitted Products

The first dishes - not fried vegetable or cereals, as well as milk soups, cooked on a diluted or low-fat milk.

Bread better to eat rye or wheat, but stale, yesterday's. One egg per day is allowed, from which you can prepare a steam omelet.

Low-fat dairy products can be consumed inModerate amount. From meat useful are beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit. Cutlets are steamed, meat is boiled, stewed with vegetables. Chicken meat is used in boiled or baked form without skin.

Allowed low-fat varieties of fish - cod, pike,zander. Fish, too, baked or boiled. Vegetable dishes are basic in the diet of patients. Preference should be given to salads from raw or boiled vegetables, vegetable stew, mashed potatoes. It shows the use of beets, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, pumpkin.

You can eat crumbly porridges boiled on the waterOr diluted milk, boiled vermicelli, macaroni, casseroles. All non-acidic fruits and berries are allowed - ripe strawberries, raspberries, strawberries. From drinks - not strong tea, juices, coffee with milk, compote from dried fruits.

Prohibited products

Persons suffering from diseases of the liver and gallstonesBladder, should limit the use of foods that irritate the mucous bile duct and gall bladder. These include fatty, smoked, fried, salted and spicy dishes. Also forbidden is the use of ice cream, because too cold food leads to a reduction in the bile ducts and the bladder itself.

The pathology of the liver is accompanied by a difficultAssimilation of fats, so all fatty foods must be completely excluded from the diet of the patient. Only vegetable oil is allowed, since it has a choleretic effect and removes cholesterol from the body.

Forbidden are fatty dairy products,Meat, lard, liver, fish and caviar salmon, sturgeon, herring, canned and fresh tomatoes, hard cheese, sausages, other smoked products, spicy seasonings, strong coffee and tea, raw onions, garlic, radish, rutabaga, sour berries and fruits, Baking, chocolate, carbonated drinks, vinegar, spices, alcohol.

The basic rule that should always be respected is not to overeat, especially at bedtime.

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