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Diathesis in children & nbsp; causes, symptoms and treatment


Currently, every second child suffers from diathesis. This condition causes much concern for the parents of the baby, as diathesis does not affect the well-being of the child in the best way.

Diathesis in children & nbsp; causes, symptoms and treatment

Diathesis is not a disease, but only means a predisposition of the child to certain diseases.

  • Lymphatic-hypoplastic diathesis - propensity to allergic and infectious diseases, pathology of the lymphatic system, disorders of the thymus (thymus gland).
  • Nervous-arthritic diathesis - predisposition to hypertension, joint inflammations, diabetes, atherosclerosis and obesity.
  • Exudative-catarrhal or allergic diathesis - propensity to allergic and inflammatory diseases.

<P> The most common type is the last one. Its main manifestation is dermatitis. He meets so often that doctors call him "diathesis". It will be discussed later.

Symptoms of diathesis

Symptoms are different. Most often this reddening of some areas of the skin, bright pink spots, peeling and dry skin, and sometimes even sores. Reddish rough spots usually appear near the eyes, on the cheeks, on the folds of the hands and feet, and sometimes throughout the body. Spots can become wet, grow, inflame, thicken and crack. These phenomena accompany itching.


Dermatitis causes contacts with specificAllergens, to which the child's organism reacts. Such a tendency in babies is explained by the imperfection and immaturity of systems and internal organs. The starting point for allergic dermatitis can become a mother's nutrition during pregnancy, housing conditions, ecology, special care, etc.

In some cases, diathesis can be causedOvereating. The fact is that the remains of food, which did not have time to digest because of a lack of enzymes, begin to rot in the intestines, and the products of decay - to poison the body.

Treatment of diathesis

The most important for the treatment of diathesis isDetection of the source of allergy and prevention of subsequent exposure to the allergen. Start the detection is with the elimination of the most likely sources of allergy from the menu: chocolate, citrus fruits, exotic fruits, strawberries, nuts, apricots, melons, sweets, peaches, eggs, sour cream, broths, milk and semolina.

Then you need to observe the symptoms of diathesis. At an exacerbation it is necessary to recollect, that the feeding mum or the kid used on the eve. This way you can identify the allergen.

Use only special hypoallergenicShampoos, soap and washing powders. Chlorine is also a strong allergen, so for bathing and rinsing children's items, use boiled or filtered water.

If diathesis occurs, consult your pediatrician. He will prescribe a baby antihistamine and anti-inflammatory drugs, and in severe cases, glucocorticosteroids.

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