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Diarrhea in children: how to deal with it


Diarrhea in a child occurs for various reasons. In each case, it is necessary to find out the cause and start a competent treatment, as a disorder of the stool affects the work of the whole organism negatively.

Common causes of diarrhea

For certain diseases, not onlyThe state of the baby, but also the nature of the loose stool. Kashitseobrazny or watery stool with particles of undigested food, impurities of blood, pus, mucus indicates poisoning the body with food. As a rule, in this case there is a sharp smell. With various infections of the intestinal tract, a foamy stool is found, which is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and body temperature.

In children, the frequent causes of diarrhea are:
- non-observance of the rules of hygiene-
- violation of the diet regime-
- intolerance to certain foods-
- allergic reactions-
- intestinal dysbiosis-
- infectious diseases-
- climate change-
Teething and so on.

Means against diarrhea in children

Frequent bowel movements lead to loss of fluid, inAs a result, the child develops dehydration. In this case, there is general weakness, increased drowsiness, a violation of appetite. Therefore, it is necessary to find effective methods to combat diarrhea.
If the reason is hidden in violation of the regime("Loperamide") or sorbents ("Smecta", "Regidron", activated charcoal) should be given to the child, after which the work of the intestines is restored quickly enough. When feeding infants, do not overeat or drastically introduce new foods into the diet. Babies are advised to replace one feeding with a decoction of chamomile or ordinary water to maintain the water-salt balance in the norm.

If diarrhea is accompanied by intestinal colic andIncreased gassing, should give the child "Espumizan" or "Sab-simplex". The presence of painful sensations and abdominal cramps requires the use of effective antispasmodics with age.

At home, prepare medicinal broths:
- Pour 1 tbsp. Collecting fruits of fennel, oak bark, sage with a glass of boiled water and boil for 15 minutes over low heat, then take small portions during the day-
- Take 1 tbsp. Collecting the rhizomes of the snake mountaineer, chamomile flowers, plantain leaves, blueberry fruit in a 4: 4: 5: 5 ratio for a glass of hot water, put on a water bath, and then give the baby 1 tsp each. Twice a day before meals-
- 1 tbsp. Fruits of bird cherries and blueberries for a glass of water, drink on? Glass three times a day.

Do not self-medicate with frequentFoamy stool in children of the first year of life, a sharp rise in temperature against a background of a disorder of the stool, abdominal pain, the appearance of rashes on the body, bloody impurities in the feces. In this case, immediately call a doctor to provide the child with qualified assistance in time.

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