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How to dial local numbers

How to dial local numbers

City phone remains a proven and reliable means of communication.

Call it as you can with other city numbers and to cell phones.

The main thing - to dial correctly.



To make a call from one phone to another of the cityafter removal of the tube wait for dial tone, dial the number 8, and after it will hear another beep. Dial the area code, then the phone number. Wait for an answer. In smaller towns, for a call within the same code often does not need to type or 8, no code - just a number. In large cities, recruit both need even when calling within the same code and the codes themselves for one city may be more than one. If your phone is one code and the called party - the other, but there is a call within the same city, the price per minute of conversation usually corresponds to the inner-city.


To make a call from your mobile phone tocity, type all the numbers together: 8, area code, the local phone number. The figure 8 can be replaced by seven, plus a way to set depends on the phone model. Typically, this requires a long time to hold the key to zero or, in other devices, quickly double-click on a star. Note that the cost of the call depends not only on what you call a city, but also on where you are for yourself: in the home region (ie where purchased SIM-card) or in the other.


If you call from a telephone connected to thePBX, dial the combination of numbers corresponding to access an outside line. It depends on the model and configuration PBX. Then type the number 8 (sometimes this is not required), area code and phone number. The need to wait for a dial tone after dialing any numbers also depend on the PBX settings. The HSE may be blocked, and if not, before making any such calls to get prior permission of administration of the organization.


Some mobile operators providethe possibility of unlimited (or limited to certain number of minutes per day) for calls to landlines at much more favorable terms than the full unlimited calling. Check with your operator for support, whether it provides such a service.

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