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DEVICE seam roof

The device seam roof

Reliable considered only the roof that does not leak.

The specialists in voice argue that this characteristic has a metal roof. The best option, if the roof is covered with aluminum or copper.

However, only the nail plates to the base a little.

It is necessary to securely connect them one way or another.

Today, the best one is considered to be rebated connection.

Generally seam roofing - it's this type ofsheet metal construction, which are fastened on a specific technology. Its name got on the roof fastening method. Today there are several types rebate. This recumbent single and double faltslezhachy single (double) fold, as well as stand-up single and double faltsstoyachy single (double) fold. Naturally, variants of the double order of magnitude more reliable than single. Standing is usually used for fastening the edges running along the slope. Lying is put across. Special clamps (picture) at both ends, to help easier and faster to mount the roof.

Features roofing on rebate

To seamed roof meets all the requirements andStandards must be very strictly adhere to the instructions for its installation. And, of course, take into account a number of nuances. Thus, for example, can cover a sloped roof is not more than 14 degrees such technology.

Use this method of laying the roof and can be flat roofs, only have to apply a double rebate and further fasten the seams with silicone sealant.

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Also, you should keep in mind that all expenditurematerials (nails, screws, wire, etc.), used when laying the roof in this manner, they must be made of steel and coated with zinc. Otherwise, they quickly fail, and the laying of the roof will have to produce again.

Also, be sure to carefully considerwaterproofing roofs and ensure proper ventilation. Otherwise, under the roof will be collected condensate, which will lead to rapid deterioration and wear of the roof material, causing it to quickly fail.

More important to think, on what basis will youto lay the roof - on lath or solid. If you choose to crate, keep checking step. Otherwise, your whole roof sag, plates are deformed, and all the work will have to remodel again.

Pros and cons of standing seam roofing

Naturally, the folded roof, despite thewhat is the best and ideal choice in most cases, has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are usually related to a long service life, ease of construction (it is not necessary to carry out additional work to strengthen the walls or ceilings), surface smoothness, because of the moisture on the surface of the roof is not delayed. And folded roof has a corrosion-resistant coating, which allows it to be neat and beautiful for a long time.

Another advantage of quite often referred to as the design of the roof. Though he is a simple, but due to different attachment - standing and recumbent - becomes quite original.

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Among the shortcomings are generally not particularly notegood sound proofing coating. That is, during the rain hammering on the roof of the steel can be heard clearly and loudly too. It is also considered to be minus and complex installation. Another disadvantage is often called an unsightly appearance. But this is only if the roof is made of galvanized steel. If the base material being copper or zinc-titanium coating is more than generous. It is also not very good, that the folded roof accumulate static Voltage, which means that it is necessary to do more, and the lightning rod.

The device seam roof

Seam roof is made of severalkinds of metal. These include galvanized steel (especially for the roof) with a thickness of about 0.5 -. 0.7 cm Experts say that such coverage is very durable and is used for about 30 years. Also used and polymeric materials. For example, steel pokrytime. It is due to polymers, the roof gets its high and effective anti-corrosion properties. Roofing copper has a different terrain and a decorative part of the roof. For example, such a copper can mimic tiles. Krovelney aluminum - another material that promotes the creation of the most reliable roof. It is also often used in the production of more and roofing zinc-titanium - a material, according to experts, is practically eternal.

Making seam roof does not take much time. It is relatively easy to cast metal in a certain form.

Features seam roof mounting

Mounting roof necessarily begins withdrawing up the relevant drawings. Then you need to make a pattern for the conventional coating roof slopes and eaves. special make them of blanks with the required forms and sizes. The next step is to pick up the pieces of the roof on the roof, lay them out and fold to combine. Be sure to attach the roof and even to bars crates. Particular attention should be paid to areas around pipes and chimneys. They are best repaired with special galvanized steel aprons. The result is a high-tech roof without any holes.

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