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Developing game Puzzles of felt

Developing game Puzzles of felt

Bright puzzle for a long time to attract the attention of children who enthusiastically will collect the individual elements into a single image.

You will need

  • - Hard felt neutral color (for the base) -
  • - Colored felt (for the application) -
  • - The color of the thread fetra-
  • - A needle (sewing machine) -
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Simple pencil (white gel pen) -



Draw a pattern, move them to the felt, cut out the details of applications and the square base.
Laying out the appliqué on the square, sew it. First, the fine stitch stitched duck body, then the beak.
Embroidered with threads of black eye color.


Making the pattern halves of the puzzle to make ithorizontally or vertically, and hold a pencil (gel pen) thin line. It is best to use a special pencil for fabrics, which you can then shake. On Pattern dotted outline the approximate dividing line pictures.


It is necessary to cut the picture into two halves so that the line does not pass through the small parts (eyes, nose, etc.).


Sew the halves to the lower part. It is necessary to cut a rectangle slightly larger half of the puzzle, and to connect the sewing machine (stitch length should be a little larger). Cut off the excess felt. Thus, to perform the other half of the puzzle.

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