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How to develop year-old child

How to develop year-old child

A year ago, the child was in this world and in the 12 months come a long way - from a helpless lump to conscious little man, with his character, habits and desires.

Infancy childhood ends and begins, to make him happy - loving parent task.

Education year-old child

At one year old baby is aware of itself as a separatecreature, showing its own "self", so this age - it's time to start the process of education. Parents should thus be flexible, you should try to negotiate with your baby, talk to him as much as possible, explaining all its decisions. Many actions can accompany children's poems and rhymes.
Physical and mental development of the baby should bestarting with the establishment of the new regime. One year old baby usually sleeps less, while maintaining a nap. It is important to daily walk with the child, 2 times a day for 1.5 - 2 hours, giving him the opportunity to touch the dry leaves, small stones, etc., as important tactile sensations for him.
In the year of the child actively tries his opportunities,freely moving around the house, climbing the stairs, a sofa or chairs. It is important to show him how to get down from there. This age - it's time for habituation to independent feeding, the baby already can quite confidently hold a spoon, until at least half of porridge, and remains on the table. Also, it is time to teach your baby to the pot and discipline. You can bring the child to the simple task: to gather together with him torn paper, folded toys, attributed to the bathroom dirty clothes. The main thing - do not put pressure on the child and not to force to do what they are not interested, so as not to cause a backlash.

Educational games

In summer you can usually play with the kid in the sandbox, and in winter to build a makeshift sandbox with the help of cereals, which can pour from one container to another, or spoon handle.

For the development of fine motor skills necessary to givechild the opportunity to play with objects that have different size, shape, texture. Suit a variety of banks, boxes, bottles, bottles, scraps of cloth, sticks, stones, etc. Good game with bulk materials, pasta, bean, beads, buttons and other objects. For example, they can be spread in the packaging cells to remove eggs and back. The main thing is to make sure that the baby did not send them to the mouth.
Bathing is possible to diversify the games in the water: pour water from the cup into a larger container, catch pens or strainer in the water floating objects.

To paint is better to use large-sized paper at least A3.

A year - it's time to start painting. It would be the best oil pastels or wax crayons. Give a kid a crayon and start another drive on a sheet of paper. The child will try to repeat the drawn lines. Not worth while to draw animals or men, let it be straight and wavy lines, simple geometric shapes. Pay attention to the color of the child and ask him to help you.

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