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How to develop a website

How to develop the site

Once you have created your site you need to unwind, ie to make the site popular.

To do this, there is some recommendation, following which you will be able to promote your site.

You will need

  • PC, internet access



First you need to register your site in popular directories using special software, you can register yourself by hand or use the registration services. This will contribute to the rapid indexing siteand the search engines, due to the fact that site will refer others sites.


Now you have the task of coming up with a unique, informative and interesting information siteand it can be articles that will really be useful for your visitors sitea. And do not forget to indicate its authorship, and the bottom of the page mention that citation information is prohibited by owner siteand or is permitted only with the active link to the source of information.


Look for interesting resources that publish various articles, to send them your article with an active link.
If you post your articles on old andpopular, reputable online - resources, it can be done here in such ways: mutual exchange of articles on the subject, or the unilateral placement of articles for a cash consideration (without mating placing them in his article) to close on the subject of resources.


When you have few visitors, youYou can try to organize their newsletter on e-mail, using one of the free services, such as «Subscribe.ru». This will greatly increase the number of visitors on your sitee.

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