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How to Develop a Website

How to Develop a Website</a>

After you have created the site you need to untwist it, i.e. Make the site visited.

For this, there is some recommendation, following which you can promote your site.

You will need

  • PC, Internet



To start, you need to register your site In popular directories with the help of special programs, you can register yourself manually or use registration services. This will facilitate rapid indexing siteAnd in the search engines, due to the fact that site Other siteS.


Now, before you, the task is to come up with unique, informative and interesting information for siteBut, it can be articles that will really be useful for visitors to your sitea. And do not forget to indicate its authorship, and at the bottom of the page mention that the citation of information is prohibited by the owner siteA, or allowed only with an indication of an active link to the source of information.


Look for interesting resources that publish different articles to send them your articles with an active link.
If you post your articles on old andPopular, authoritative Internet resources, then this can be done in such ways: mutual exchange of articles on a topic or unilateral placement of articles for a monetary reward (without answering their articles on their own) on related resources.


When you have few visitors, youYou can try to organize your newsletter by e-mail, using one of the free services, for example "Subscribe.ru". This will significantly increase the number of visitors on your siteE.

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