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How to develop the memory of a teenager

If you have a bad memory of a teenager, you want to exclude a neurological reason for this lack.

To do this, you need to visit a doctor, otherwise any action can only bring harm.

If medical reasons for this, you have to work hard for the development of memory.



One of the best ways is to memorizationmemorize poems and prose. Start with the small-scale poems or passages, gradually increasing the size of the text and complicating it. Prose teaching more difficult, so it is to pass, when the teenager has mastered the verses. It is necessary to check - how long in the memory is learned. Did he remember two days later? A week? A month later?


Two ways to develop memory - Traditionalschool summary and paraphrase. Let teenager close to retell the text you read an article or a chapter from a book. Or write a summary, trying to use as much of the vocabulary of the text and observing its structure. If you do this regularly, you will improve not only the memory, but also speech.


In addition to these traditional, there are specific exercises for the development of memory, as the visual and auditory. For example, say 10 any words, not linked to each other logically and ask teenager repeat all that he remembered.


For training auditory rote memoryquickly say 10 three-digit numbers. The teenager must repeat them. In this, as in the previous exercise, the norm is 6 reproduced words or numbers.

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