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How to develop a foot fracture ankle

How to develop a leg fracture ankle

Proper and timely treatment of any limb fracture can ensure full recovery of its functions without any complications or consequences.

This statement also applies to the ankle, a fracture which, in the opinion of many, makes a man a limp for life.

Under certain recommendations can restore the lower leg function fully and without "loss" in the shortest possible time.



Spend daily gentle massage. Despite the fact that the foot is not used, the best way to preserve the mobility and functionality of the legs, is to constantly remind her of its existence. Soft motion drive in the fracture zone and all inactive legs, the more often you remind the cells, so that they "do not sleep", the easier they will then wake up.


Take daily requirement of vitamins. It is no secret that vitamins help the body to function properly and in full force. In moments of weakness of the body (for example, a broken leg), he especially does not prevent aid in the form of dietary supplements.

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Perebintovyvayte leg elastic bandage andMake time every day walking therapy. Using crutches to move through the house, gradually increasing the load on the leg. Do this very carefully! You can not feel any pain until the moment of re-fracture or you can just move the bone, causing incorrect splicing. Once you can fully stand on the leg, you can switch to walking with a cane.


Do not forget to check with your doctor, and dorepeated x-rays to track the dynamics of bone splicing. At the time, walk with a cane, and even for the first time without it, it is advisable to buy a special plastic, silicone or cloth fixing shoes, which does not allow the foot in any way move. This will secure and speed up the healing process.

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