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How to develop the concept

To palette future business pleasing to the eye, consider the concept to the smallest detail

The concept applied to the commercial enterprise? This business plan future business.

In other words, a set of rules and technical specifications for all major areas: creating a product with a unique selling proposition, its promotion and implementation.

You will need

  • computer, phone



Evaluate the idea, which brings togetherdevelop the concept in three areas: on the market, the demand potential audience, the complexity of the project. By the latter is understood as the production of the product or the provision of services and their marketing.


Determine which specialists will be involvedat the initial stage of the business plan. For example, developing the concept of the restaurant, initially you need help with marketing, designers and chefs. Secondary? Eshalon? - Financier, personnel manager, service manager. Development of the concept should cover the main aspects of the restaurant, namely the relationship of the name, interior, kitchen, pricing, recruitment, service, marketing policies.


Examine several possible namesfuture product. Analyze necessary to look at, hearing, clarity of the target audience, memorability and security. Leaving two or three options, ask the opinion of friends and acquaintances. Of course, they must belong to a group of potential customers. If resources permit? perform a mass survey. Poll can be on their own, but you can? engaging marketing campaign.


Connect the idea that you had originally, withthe name has been stopped. As a result, should get an image of the product or service concept. Now it's corporate identity. In the case of our example? Optional design of premises for a restaurant. If he is called? Beethoven? - Registration preferably in a classic or even the grand style. If you stopped for a playful title? design choices to match.


Add a unique selling proposition. If you are at a loss, that is suitable to this role, answer for himself the question: why would you buy among similar offers just that. Having made the image, identify the anchor audience, ie, those for whom primarily designed your unique selling proposition. When you have a clear audience, you can start marketing and sales plans. Business plan is ready, now it is necessary to implement it correctly.

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