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How to develop the child's mind

How to develop the child's mind

It often happens that after the birthchild for its development there is little time. In such cases, often parents feel that the child gradually learns himself around, and attempts to reduce to a minimum in any way to deal with them.

To avoid a similar fate, the child must be familiar with the world and knowledge, starting from an early age.



Questions are raining from your child's continuous stream, and you do not have time to answer them? If you want to achieve a positive result, then in any case do not skip questions child deaf ears, be sure to answer all his questions without anger and irritation.


Keep in mind that carrying out tasks with a child, you are helping him to form a coherent picture of the world. And if you can not answer the question, it is best to stock up dictionaries and encyclopedias.


Account and oral reading is not to teach childrenbefore the age of two years in. It was at this time insatiable curiosity arises in a child. So we can use this incentive to a deeper knowledge of the world, and gently and unobtrusively prepare him for school.


The range of goods offered by shopsIt offers us a large number of developing books and games. But be careful not too much carried away by them. A child needs a rest from such a large number of incoming information. By following these tips, you can not only develop mental abilities of his child, but also to teach him various useful skills.

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Here are games and exercises that are intended tothe development of thinking, connected speech, vocabulary enrichment vocabulary of preschool children: "Drawing". As often as possible, draw with your child. Teach him to draw a man, house, locomotive, machine, etc. "Modeling". Tear off a piece of clay and show your child how to make him a stick, circle, ball, etc. Try the baby to instill an interest in sculpting as it is very important for its razvitiya.Igra "Hide the balls." The board put three containers of various sizes with lids and place three balls of different sizes also. Then ask the kid to hide in a large jar big ball in the middle - the average, and a small - small. Then you must close each jar corresponding to it by the size cap. After remove the balls from the cans and put them into each other (to hide all the banks into one large) .Konechno like exercise very much, and for any child You can choose the most liked him.

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