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How to develop the child's attention and memory

How to develop the child's attention and memory

When a child is making in school one of the criteria of his readiness are well developed memory and attention.

Attention promotes good development of perception, thinking, speech. The advanced memory raises the intellectual level of the child.

These two indicators - attention and memory help in successful learning.

Therefore, they need to develop at the appropriate level.

And above all, to address this need parents.



To stimulate the process of development of memory and attentionneeded with special games and exercise. When your baby begins to utter the first sounds, you should discuss with him everything that happens around: with some kids he played, how they played, what to eat, etc. At first, most of the time will have to tell you, but then the child is willing to join. Memorize them with poems and songs, read a fairy tale - all this helps to develop attention and memory child. Ask your child questions about the story tales. By age 5, complicate the problem and ask your child to retell their own fairy tale or poem.


Be sure to develop visual attention atchild. Along with them are developing concentration and observation. For the development of play with the baby in the game. For example, ask him two pictures, which show the same figures, but with slight differences and give the child to find the differences. Draw a maze for him, from which you want to find a way out. All of these tasks should not be complicated, do not overwork the child. Make bright and colorful setting, use the fairy tale characters.


developed tactile memory really it helps children learn. Tie a child's eyes and ask them to identify objects by touch. For younger children (2-4 years) it is necessary to simplify the task. In the box, remove items and ask the kid to touch to call them. For older children essential skills will be tying "knots." These classes will help develop attention and memory child.


For the development of motor memory is not necessaryto come up with anything difficult. Just ask the child to repeat after you all the movements. Depending on the age of the child movements can be quite simple, or, for older children, encourage repeat chain exercises.


The bulk of the information on the child perceives the hearing. Because start to develop auditory memory as soon as possible. Young child, ask to repeat the chain of words, and ask the older child to repeat the same string of words, but after a certain time.


Be sure to be engaged with their child. Just do not turn your classes into something tedious and discourages anything to do. In any game-changing roles with the child, even if at first you give him an assignment and he will ask for similar job to you. It diversifies your class, and you will spend time with interest.

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