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How to develop mental energy


The stock of psychic energy in the human body is very important. It determines both health itself and the level of immunity, because it is its basis.

Human immunity is associated with his nervous system.

Therefore, psychic energy, in the first place, strengthens the nervous system.



Immunity increases with a positive nervousLoad (love, delight, joy) and weakens with negative (shock, excitement, sadness). That is, the cause of most diseases lies in the human psyche. Any strong mental trauma can cause a serious illness. And this is connected, specifically, with a decrease in psychic energy. But it happens on the contrary - the most dangerous disease suddenly, suddenly leaves a person. This is possible in the case of significant amounts of psychic energy entering the human body that can change the course of the disease. To attract psychic energy to himself in the power of man himself. Accumulation of psychic energy is promoted by all positive: positive qualities of a person, positive thoughts, positive feelings, positive activity.


If we talk about activities, it is in the first placeThe queue is determined by work (both physical and mental), which is the main and basic condition for the accumulation (attraction) of energy. The value of labor is determined by its quality. To direct the action of labor to the accumulation of psychic energy, it is necessary to connect it with the desire for the common good, make it creative, bring joy, or at least satisfaction, and benefit society. Unloved work will not bring good - at its performance the psychic energy is lost. The best condition for the growth and accumulation of psychic energy is a love of work. Random tides of diligence will not create a rhythm that contributes to the influx of psychic energy. Need hard and persistent work. The most durable people are constantly employed and hardworking. The quality of work increases significantly when people are united. A concerted work based on benevolence, mutual respect and cooperation multiplies the influx of psychic energy.


A very accessible way to attract mentalEnergy for a person are his feelings. But not through everything, but only through compatible with it. The basis of the basics is a love of humanity. People who carry it in themselves - and batteries and sources of psychic energy. The energy that they give to their neighbor is filled with a feeling of love. The main thing in all religions is the commandment of love. In this case, love is essential, devoid of selfishness, true, for which you can give everything.

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