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How to develop psychic energy


The stock of psychic energy is very important in the human body. It identifies itself as a health and level of immunity, as is its base.

Human immunity linked to his nervous system.

Therefore, the psychic energy, first of all, strengthens the nervous system.



Immunity is increased by a positive nervousload (love, delight, joy) and weakened by the negative (the shock, excitement, sadness). That is the cause of most diseases lies in the human psyche. Any severe trauma can cause serious illness. And this is connected, that is, with a decrease in mental power. But sometimes the opposite - the most dangerous disease of sudden, unexpected reserves of man. This is possible in the case of exposure of significant quantities of human mental energy that can alter the course of disease. Attract the psychic energy in the power of the man himself. Accumulation of psychic energy contributes to all positive: positive human qualities, positive thoughts, positive feelings, positive activity.


If we talk about the activity, it is the firstall defined work (both physical and mental), which is the main and fundamental condition for the accumulation of (attracting) energy. The value of labor is determined by its quality. To direct labor action on the accumulation of psychic energy necessary to associate it with the pursuit of the common good, to make a constructive, bringing joy to yourself, or at least satisfaction, and benefits to society. Unloved work will bring benefits - when performing psychic energy is lost. The best condition for the growth and accumulation of psychic energy - the love of work. Random tides diligence will not create rhythm, facilitates the flow of psychic energy. Requires work tenacious and persistent. The most long-lived people, and continually work trudolyubivye.Kachestvo increases significantly when union people. Coordinated work, based on goodwill, mutual respect and cooperation greatly increases the influx of psychic energy.


Very affordable way to raise mentalenergy for a man are his feelings. But not through, and only through compatible with it. The cornerstone - the love of humanity. People wearing it in yourself - and accumulators and sources of psychic energy. The energy given their neighbor - is filled with feelings of love. The main in all religions is the commandment of love. This important love, devoid of selfishness, the true, for which you can give everything.

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