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How to develop memory and thinking

How to develop memory and thinking

Memory and thinking are the most importantcognitive mental processes, without which it is impossible to complete formation of the person. Attempts to develop these functions from time to time, occasionally, can not lead to a good result.

The development of thinking skills and the ability to remember the information should be carried out systematically.



Memory It represents a set of processesimprinting, preservation and reproduction of information. To make the memory more efficient, you should know and use in teaching the laws of its development.


Secure storage is achieved withusing the emotional component. We tend to remember for a long time those events and phenomena of life that affected our senses have left an emotional response. Therefore, you should try to use images in memorizing material, bearing emotional.


It is best stored material is supplied in the form of vivid images, comparisons, associative series.


Tie the memory material to the purposes of activity. Rote learning should be replaced with action painting, maintenance of records, the manipulation of objects.


It improves the process of memorization training of conscious control. Participation of consciousness brings the ability to arbitrarily manipulating the images, making the memory of independent random factors.


The order of presentation material for memorizationIt must be varied. This is achieved, for example, alternating memorize things. So, after the literature followed by the exact sciences, then the Russian language, etc. This principle should be used when pupils and homework.


Memory and various kinds of mental activity is closelylinked. By thinking refers to the mental processes that provide the establishment of significant relationships between objects and phenomena of reality. Thinking closely related to speech function.


Despite the presence of specific featuresthinking, there are common development methods of cognitive function. These techniques require the systematic implementation of various tasks and exercises a kind of? Mental gymnastics ?.


For example, children can recommend exercisesdefinition of concepts, establishing similarities and differences between concepts (such as? hard? worker?). It is useful to practice in the book of short stories, or stories on proverbs and sayings. Preparation and solving crossword puzzles and also contributes to the development of mental activity.


Remember that developing the capacity of memory and thinking at the same time we are improving all the other cognitive processes, as well as speech and creative abilities.

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