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How to develop memory and mindfulness


How to develop memory and mindfulness</a>

It is known that, on average, a person uses only 10% of the possibilities of his memory. Imagine what you can achieve by increasing this percentage.

And it is very easy to do this, you just need to constantly develop memory and mindfulness, performing simple exercises every day.



To remember something, we need to study the objectIn the smallest details, and for this you need to be very careful. Therefore, before you begin to train your memory, you need to work on the mindfulness. This task can be performed on the way to work: count how many you will meet girls of blondes, or how many will pass a taxi. The task can be anything, the main thing is that it helps to develop memory And mindfulness.


Now proceed directly to the exercisesFor training memory. Choose an item and study it very carefully. Pay attention to every little thing, this will allow you to better remember it. Then close your eyes and try to remember the subject. Do not rush, calmly, turning off unnecessary thoughts, draw an object in your memory. Open your eyes, compare what you remember with this subject. Pay attention to your mistakes and follow the exercise again. Before going to sleep again, try to remember the subject. When you manage with one object, choose something more complicated.


Reiteration. Everyone knows that it is very difficult to learn a piece of prose, and many can not, and all because they try to remember everything at once. Let us proceed differently. Choose 10 sentences from any book, read the text several times and set it aside. Periodically return to the text, rereading it a couple of times, do it, for example, in the morning and in the evening. Further complicate the task.


Association. The human brain stores the abyss of information, use it for better memorization. Establish a link between what you need to remember and what you already know. For example, trying to remember the name of a new friend, connect it with how and where you met.


Understanding. It is very important to understand what needs to be remembered, because a lot of incomprehensible words the brain simply does not perceive. Therefore, think and paraphrase for yourself the information received, and remember what you understand. Do not be lazy, do these exercises every day and you will succeed.

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