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How to develop memory and attention

How to develop memory and attention

We know that the average person uses only 10% of its storage capacity. Imagine what could be achieved by increasing this percentage.

And make it very simple, only need to constantly develop memory and attention by performing simple exercises every day.



To remember something, we need to examine the objectin great detail, but it needs to be very careful. Therefore, before proceeding to memory training, you need to work on care. This task can be performed on the way to work: count how many girls you meet blondes, or how much a taxi will pass. The job can be anything, as long as it helped to develop memory and attentiveness.


We now proceed directly to the exercisesfor training pamyati.Detalnoe study. Select an object and examine it very carefully. Pay attention to every little detail, it will allow you to better remember it. Then close your eyes and try to remember the subject. Take your time, quietly, turning off unnecessary thoughts, draw in his memory object. Open your eyes, compare what you remember with this subject. Pay attention to your mistakes and do the exercise again. Before going to sleep again, try to remember the subject. When you manage a single object, select something more complicated.


Reiteration. Everyone knows that to learn a passage of prose is very difficult, and many do not succeed, and all because they are trying to remember everything at once. To do otherwise. Select 10 sentences from any book, read the text several times and set aside. Periodically go back to the text, reading it in a couple of times, do it, for example, morning and evening. Further complicate the task.


Association. The human brain stores information abyss, use it for better memorization. Establish a connection between what you need to remember the fact that you already know. For example, trying to remember the name of a new acquaintance, associate it with how and where you met.


Understanding. It is important to understand what you need to remember, because a lot of incomprehensible words brain simply does not perceive. Therefore, ponder and rephrase the information for themselves, and learn what is understood. Do not be lazy, perform these exercises every day, and you will succeed.

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