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How to develop memory

How to develop memory

As with physical abilities, memory is given to man from birth, but as with muscles, it is necessary to constantly train.

Of course, there are many ways to do this.

And the most surprising thing is that half of them are owned by each person, without knowing it.

If you constantly train your memory, it will remain with you until old age.



The first step is to train attention and concentration. This has a positive effect on memoryBecause man remembers only what hecarefully studied. You can train the attention of a number of ways, for example, while walking count how many buildings with a green roof, or make sure you have seen the speech of your friend, how many times he said the same word. In addition, attention can be developed through a variety of games, such as "Find 10 differences." In these games you concentrate on the small details, and your brain gets used to actively work in every situation.


The concentration of development can help you and the othertraining. Take a comfortable position, and then for 30 minutes try to focus on any object. Your main task - not to be distracted and to achieve stability of attention. Try to jump off the idea is not to subject more than 3-4 times.


Use different types of memory. In order to improve memory, You must use all of it at the same timespecies. There are three types of memory: motor, auditory and visual. Therefore, if you are trying to learn some text, then try to re-write it first, pronouncing all the words aloud. In this training all kinds of memory will be used. Daily memorizing 20 offers a significant impact on the development of memory.


Combine exercise with physical memoryexercises. When memorizing we are very much load your brain, so that the load must be reset by performing a variety of exercises. You remember much faster abstract page, if it will do push-ups or squats.


The biggest influence on the memory have a workout in the morning and before bedtime. First, try to count from one hundred to one, when it becomes very easy for you, go to the alphabet ID A month later, you will notice that memorizing makes you much less time.

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